The Pathfinder!

I was thinking of making game it’s not based on playing as the very first republican Presidential candidate. Nobody for the most part in America really knows he is anymore A lot of places in the south west are named after him. Anyone knows of them now it’s most likely for This he by far has one of the most colorful careers and fluctuating fortunes of mid century Americans.

My plan for the game is you play with him either as a presidential candidate or what he’s the commander of the Western department fluctuating between the current and his past and in doing so you can color his persona personality and choices fortunes.

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sounds interesting looking forward to hearing more

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Rogar. :heart:

You know I like to watch your historical games, and I’d play it.

Hey are you still going to make this game

Yes brother but I don’t playing at around my mind should I do it solely based on a real like Personna or should I play with it a bit more. There was over 1000 generals during the Civil War. I focused on Firmont because he has an incredibly colorful life prior to war and sadly incredibly short Civil War career. Versus somebody like Grant his military experience of the day was pretty much slightly exciting but overall incredibly Mandane and very similar to many of his peers along with long stretches of financial instability. But the most successful career military during the war and arguably the greatest prize of a post military career the Oval Office.vs Frémont is post career was was being the fifth territorial governor of Arizona for about three years. The differences though he had a fortune that bad investments destroyed similar thing happened the grant he developed a fortune after the war and I got swindled difference is grant write a memoir to save his family Frémont was able to retire as general.

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what about union general daniel sickles