Game idea Washington’s early life and career?

Washington had a very interesting early life and I’m wondering if I can make a game about it. Was thinking could start out his adolescence ending at the end of the Seven year War/ French Indian war? Pretty much the game itself would be balancing his social life while cultivating connections not being broke from his Mother poor management of Ferry Farm and wrestle with the feelings of love he has for his brothers wife? Should I make it like a date and sound with state management how should I go about this?


Curious to ask… are you planning an interactive novel that depicted his real life or a novel that "Fantasise " his legacy such as the story told in the TV series “Sleepy Hallow” where Washington was involve in the apocalypse and the Four Horsemen?

It might be more entertaining if Washington 's legacy is incorporate with some sort of “Secret War” as depicted in Sleepy Hallow… However, it is a bad idea if the novel is meant for educational purpose…


I would say why not his whole dogon life but that’d be a colossal project.

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Trust me I could go really wild with the Masonic orders being front for the Knight Tempar.Or how Half-king calls the Young militia Major Conotocaurious he inherited from the first Washington in the colonies. It was used as a way to trace genealogy but also the tribal memory of his family’s Colonial founder. He would later live up too the title himself as his army will go and minimally burn 40 towns of the Iroquois Nation during the revolution. And if you want to get into the weird mystical angle it could be the foretelling of him forging America the end of the indigenous tribes way of life and power.

I want to be more historical and do some really interesting what ifs the biggest one would be actually really early in the game. Washington was almost in enlisted as a midshipman in the Royal Navy he was 14 if it wasn’t for his mother’s fighting it he could have had very different career path.


Sleepy Hollow is a really good show. Honestly, it would make everything a tad more interesting if the novel would be based off that show. But yeah, if it’s for educational purposes then I guess the author has to make it realistic. Problem is that they will have to do more research about Washington and the people that revolved around him. Sounds like a really good idea though.


I’m going to really have to watch this show Sleepy Hollow! I do want to make that add more educational and realistic. I do want to two player control for some really big what ifs though. First one with me getting into a possible Naval career at a young age. Which means he could maybe have a much bigger involvement in the Seven Years War. I mean in his defense though as a minor militia lieutenant colonel out in the colony he did help kick off the French Indian War. That’s I just reading my ography is I’m going to have to look up your social history and the economic history of early and later colonial America.

I’m considering creating a little mini game and start where you play as John Washington Emigrant then slowly playing out there every other Washington until he gets to George. It almost be like a fun interactive family tree event.


Loving this idea. You have my support dude. :grin: