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We should have a game about A slaves point of view in The Civil War era

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Eh, whipping, blood, children screaming as they are seperated from their family…
Not my thing, to say the least.

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Unless we get to murder some crackers AND get away with it.

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I agree with @Daisuke, that won’t be something I would enjoy, not even in a game.

as a cracker i am offended by that statment, now for the game,doing it realisticly would mean there arent any good choices,cause now matter what u choose ur most likely screwed,and you would also have to write about some very f-ed up stuff (rape,torture,families getting ripped apart,etc) its just not a good idea

OR a game about camp half blood

i thinks the OP was trolling us maybe?

Or a game on Being batman

Fuck Batman.

Take him out to dinner first, at least.

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OK dont use the term cracker unless youll also say nigger. they both are bad and insulting. If you will say nigger then say cracker, glad you dont mind being blunt.

as for a new game the slave thing would be dull. I am in favor of say a game where a peasent can climb to being a knight or such. become nobility that children may even marry into a kingship. peasents are like slaves so it fits the…basics of your idea. as long as we ignore the civil war period idea.

Okay, just gonna say this thread is borderline. If it even starts to devolve anymore I’m gonna close it. Wanna talk about race? Okay, so long as no racial slurs get used period.

@Ant I do mind you being blunt I’m mixed race and i find it offensive that you would say that so casually.

@Mardam I was just stating a fact! if you are going to call a white person c then you are doing something equally as wrong as calling a black person n. I dont go around using the word, but the fact that “Unless we get to murder some crackers” was said angered me. That word is just as offensive to me as the n word is to black people.

If however I offended you in making my point, I apologize from the bottom of my heart. that was not my intent. (btw I do truly mean that)

What about a game where your a ww2 flyboy or flywoman flying prototype planes for the airforce and you get drafted into the newly formed NASA in a race against the Russians to the moon.
Do you have the right stuff to write this story.


Where you are a doctor who is sent by your king, to a small mountain town where there have been reports of vampires in the area, will your keen scientific mind help you find a logical explanation like a poisoned water suply or will it give way to superstition and make you start digging up corpses to behead them.
Based on the true story that bram stoker based Dracula on, in real life Dracula was a woman.

How about a game where we explain how to make a game, in a game?

I am thinking of a game along the lines of xcom: enemy unknown. Having a monthly research page to choose what to research next so as to better your chances againts the alien threat, while the countries of the world finance you. In between reasearch cycles there would be attacks that differ in difficulty on nations, and if you respond to these the specific nation will finance you more.

@Daisuke pure genius! ! ! ! !

How about a game where your playing a game about playing in a game?
Choicescript-Ception. Do it.