Gangster: City of Saints (Wip) Updated: Wednesday 19 of february 2020

Welcome to 1930. You are about to live the life of a mafioso in three-piece suits amidst beautiful cars, beautiful ladies (or handsome gentlemen based on your preferences😉) and beautiful briefcases full of dollars. The adventures you are about to experience are not systematically interspersed with fights; dialogues between gangsters are as important to your success as a shoot-out leading to dozens of deaths.


Hi everyone. So, some of you might know me from Ankou: The harbinger of death. I already finished that story some times ago but unfortunately i can’t submit it due to lack of PC to randomtest and quicktest. So, i have decided to start another projects in the meantime so my skill at writing doesn’t grow rusty XD.

Onto the story now. So this story is about mafia, gangster and the likes that take place in an fictional city . I have noticed that there’s not much story like that and i like these types of story so here i’m am trying to write one.

As for summary, i will let you discover the story by yourself.

  • Strong languages
  • Detailed death scenes
  • Detailled sexual content (not yet but in future updates.)

Thuesday 18/2
Release of the demo

Wednesday 19/2

  • Added the stat screen, but ther’s still things to add there.
  • Progess further into chapter 1 till you are about to meet the first RO.

So, i will release info about the ROs as the story progress. As of now, the demo will end when you are about to meet the first RO.

  • Name: Nicki/Nina Santoro
    Gender: Selectable by players.
    As for his/her personnalities, i will
    let you discover it by yourself in next

Link to the game

One last thing. This demo is quite short with only the prologue and half of the first chapter done. The next update will be done tomorrow or the day after. Have a good time reading :relaxed:


the demo was very nice.


Thank you :relaxed:

I’m a big fan of crime genres and I’m so excited for this! Looking forward to more chapters.


Thanks :relaxed:. Hope i will be able to live up to your expectation. Me too i like these genres. I remember playing trough Vendetta 6 times (I couldn’t stop myself XD) I hope the author is still writing that amazing story.

Interesting work, I like it so far although short, I will be watching this thread and looking forward to future updates

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This must have been an awkward experience. (I believe you ment moments instead of minutes ?)


So if people run up and ask a criminal for help, said criminal is required to help them or he dies, also not allowed to tell them to fuck off after the threat has passed. And letting them get killed for daring to impose upon a criminal in such a way means instant death for said criminal (along with an insult for not having the balls, because yeah, THAT’S the only reason I wouldn’t care if they died).

Not a fan.

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Bit short but seems interesting


Hey guys. I wanted to let you know that i updated the demo today. It’s just a little progress further in the story till you are about to meet the first RO. I have mostly worked in the stat screen. The next update will be done this weekend. Again i hope you will have a good time reading.


So first of all, i have to admit that it took me some time to understand what you are trying to say (Yeah english isn’t my first languages nor the second XD) So just to warn you in case you keep giving feedback, just be a little clearer next time.

So to answer you the premature death ending was on one hand to show readers how dangerous and ruthless criminal life is. And on the other hand it was so that the story could continue in the way I want it to. Beyond that, if two armed and wounded men approach you in the street and ask you for help, will you refuse? Best case scenario, they steal your truck to get away. Worst case they shoot you, take your truck and run away. Suppose I add a choice to say them to fuck off, they go on their way and their pursuers come and ask you where they are and you tell them what happened. Maybe you could get out of it with your head on your shoulders and continue your job as a delivery man and this story does not follow the life of a delivery man but that of a man about to be integrated into a mafia family. And his ticket to the party happens to be these two men he has to help. And I’ve tried to give the readers resonable choices that will save me a lot of detours. I just want to make things simpler for myself.

I hope my long explanation was clear XD. And I’m sorry if I offended you. It isn’t my intentions at all. Have a nice day.


Found this.

Happen to me as well

Quite nice so far. Awaiting the next update eagerly :+1:

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