Games freezing

Hi so when I’m trying game demos I’ll be playing on my phone and the game will just freeze I can still move my page up and down but can’t select any of the choices. I’m using an iPhone and on the safari browser when playing the games and it won’t be in the same spot it randomly will stop working. Any suggestions of help would be appreciated


Please send email support through here if it is a published game


If it is a WIP that was host through dashingdon(dot)com, please PM @dashingdon here.

Would you specify what kind of titles these are? Published or WIP? Multiple titles?


I believe PM-ing Don won’t be necessary. Games like these tend to have issues on their code-side, which is only the author can handle it.

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Thanks for info. I assumed that they experienced it with multiple WIPs which led me to think that it might be a problem with the hosting site itself.

But if it’s a specific game, it might be a coding problem like you mentioned. I hope the OP clarify if they only experienced this in one game.

Edit: So I try various demos over dashingdon site and I haven’t experienced any freezing so either the OP have a faulty internet connection or it might a coding problem.

Faulty internet connection can indeed cause freezing.

I have experienced this issue too, and it is indeed through multiple games, whatever game I play tends to freeze up after a certain amount of choices. I am also on an iPhone.

Do you see loading bar on bottom right of the screen?

No, it just freezes on spot and clicking anything doesn’t work. But it’s not about internet because I have two phones and only one of them has this problem.

Hmm. I feel like this is something to do with the iOS or the browser. Yea, maybe Don can give some of his insights.

Sorry I didn’t see this received responses I messaged @dashingdon so hopefully that will give me some insight.

It has happens with every wip games that I have played but the Published games work fine for me

Thank you for the suggestion @resuri08

Ok, generally if multiple games are affected, then it’s likely not a coding problem as the likelihood of everyone using the same faulty code that leads to identical results is low (the save system not withstanding as that is generally quite stable and presents with different issues).
So, @awesomedude24 what I would suggest is the following to troubleshoot your issue:

  1. Turn your device on and off. If the issue persists, then

  2. Make sure your app (in this case, your browser) is up to date. If the issue persists, then

  3. Clear your cache and cookies. (Note: this will log you out of websites, so make sure you have all your passwords saved somewhere.) If the issue persists, then

  4. Lay out a sacrifice of milk and cookies for Santa Claus to provide you with a new phone./Hope dashingdon can figure out what the issue might be because ehhhh :woman_shrugging: I’m fresh outta tips after this.


Freeze after clicking page break / Darkness / Whatever page_break text?

This is because that’s the end of demo, you’re playing WIP right?

If that’s the case, there should be a looping loading bar at the bottom right and you can’t move the page up and down.

I’ve been having this same problem for two days as well. I’ve tried logging in and out, not to mention turning my phone on and off again. I think it should be fine on my computer, but I still hope this problem goes away soon. So far people have said this is only affecting I phone users.

If your safari has any extensions installed, you could try disabling them to see if it fixes the issue.

If it doesn’t, chances are Apple borked their JS engine in one of the updates, seeing how non-iOS users do not face the same problem.

Sum up the Results:

If you’re playing a published Choice of Game, or Hosted game on a hand-held device such as tablet, and mobile phone; And you freeze up (usually for me it’s loading the game, or clicking next) It’s the result of A) your internet (I find myself walking around the house switching between two different internet connections so this is common for me. ) B) you’ve done something that has made the code forget where it is, (Which I’ve noticed has happened a lot to me, also, especially with stat pages.) To remedy this, just fully close the game (in some cases forcestop) and reload it.

If you’re playing on the PC:
A published CoG or HG game can also freeze up if the internet connection is a bit dodgy or such, just restart the browser or whichever you’re playing on. HOWEVER
If you’re on a WIP please note that page breaks will often lead to non-existing chapters, so the page_break is indeed the ‘end of the story’ for now.

If it is a published game, please send an email too;