Problem With Freezing Wips

I’ve been having this problem for the past week that only happens when I’m playing a wip. I’ll be playing and clicking to the next pages when suddenly the button for the ‘next page’ will freeze up along with the options. I’m able to scroll up and down the screen, but yet I’m still stuck on the same page and forced to start over. It’s been doing this to every wip I’ve tried to play so far. Any tips or suggestions as to why this is happening?


Depends on the WIP you’re trying to play. This is what usually happens when the code goes into an infinite loop.

Could be a problem with your browser or something, but could also be a problem with the WIP itself.


It has happened to me too. Each time it happened the problem was in the WIP itself. Maybe a coding error or something else dunno.

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Ah it’s also what happens after an error; the page totally locks up, but there should be an error message on your screen.

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It could also be the end of the demo? If the author hasn’t put in an “ending” page, the last page of the WIP will result in an infinite load when you click next.

I don’t think it’s the endings because they always freeze after the first few pages of the wips

Well, then I’ve no idea. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Good luck!

I have had this problem as well, and there was even another topic already made about it, but basically you can still scroll up and look at the page you just read but the moment you press next you can’t press anything anymore. This has happened to me with many wips, through various points in the story. I have another phone that does not have this problem.

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I think this problem only occurs with iOS. That’s what happens to me, at least. The WIPs freeze on my iPhone, but not on my laptop (which is not iOS)


Same. It freeze on the iPhone but not on my laptop

Try opening it in a private window or clearing your cookies/cache. Not sure it’ll fix it, but I’ve had problems with games before due to cache issues.

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In case anyone’s still curious, you can fix this problem on an iphone by going into the settings tab of the wip and turning off animations between pages.


Honestly, I’ve been experiencing it with finished games as well. I’ve bought both Blackstone Academy and Aegis Saga and it gets to a point in the game where the page is just stuck loading. It’s incredibly frustrating and takes away the fun of playing if you replay 3 times in a row and still only get to that same point. I wish i knew the answer to fixing it!

If you have bought games, the contact support and maybe they can help you (the mail address should be somewhere on the site). This threads are about works in progress, which are hosted differently.

Ah, it is actually a problem with IOS I recently changed phones and I can’t really use my I phone for this… so I am basically still using me android to use the Dashington sides. It is really frustrating for sure D: hope you find a solution

Unfortunately this doesn’t work for me. More often than not, it’ll actually cause the game to freeze up more than if I’d left animations on. Unfortunate, considering the animations make me nauseas and give me a headache for some reason

Thanks. I just got excited when I saw a similar problem that I just started typing, haha. I had actually contacted them about the first one about a week ago and they said they were working on it. Felt frustrated that the same thing is happening with the second one…sorry, didn’t mean to vent. Anyways, take care and have a great night.

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THANK YOU!!! I’ve been struggling with this for quite some time and have had to use my other device to read the plethora of amazing WIP’s that pop up (which is inconvenient for me). I’m so happy that I finally have a solution. Thanks again :pray:

Well, given your situation, it could result from iOS glitches. Are you still looking for ways to resolve it? If you do, you could try professional ios repair tools including TunesKit iOS System Recovery to get out of the trouble without data loss.