Dashingdon Bug?

How do you deal with the bug in dashingdon when you load your last save slot and you get stuck in the menu and cannot leave it?


I think this is not the site’s fault, rather there’s an update to the game you’re playing.

When a game got an update, new codes are uploaded and old codes might be modified. The old saves can’t recognize this updated game, and thus can cause infini-loop crash.


As @Szaal says, that’s a pretty much unavoidable side effect of having save systems in WiPs. If the game changes, there’s a very high chance your save will no longer be compatible, which causes a lot of problems. You should also be very careful when reporting continuity bugs in WiPs that use the save system. It may be that the bug only exists because you’re playing with old data.

Authors, you could attempt to work around these issues with a sort of “save hub”/checkpoint structure, built atop the save framework, but you’d have to limit where and when people can save. Feel free to PM me for more info.