Updating file issues at Dashingdon?


Hi guys, wondering if anyone knows how to fix updating problems I seem to keep having at dashingdons. Not sure if it’s only me, but it seems to selectively update files. No matter how many times I ask it to update some files (such as startup) it wont do it, which then breaks the game when it hits a new variable that’s been added in. Others files, it’ll update without an issue though which is weird, and if I come back another day, it may choose to update the file properly then.

If there any way to delete the old files on dashingdons so I can see when they’re updating ok? Otherwise I’ll move it back to dropbox so it’s no drama, I just kind of liked the dashingdon’s hosting format :slight_smile:

(By the way, the files are passing random and quicktesting and work properly when played via the index file on my computer so I don’t think it’s a coding error).


I actually spoke to @dashingdon about this and he said.


I have the same problem with my own server. Browsers tend to cache text files and using nocache commands don’t seem to help. I just ask players to open the game in a private/incognito window or clear their browser’s cache.


Thanks guys, that seems to be the problem. Opening it in a private window fixes the problem, must be cached files.