Dashingdon Saves not working

I don’t remember where I was direction last time I had a similar issue. But… here goes.

From what I’m being told, dashingdon saves are sending the user to the spot that they saved at previously and are not overwriting the old saves. I tried increasing the save slots as a temporary fix and it appears to save but when the user tries to load it sends them to wherever they saved at the first time.

There’s a small handful of people reporting this issue but I don’t know if it’s widespread or not.

I have the *sm_init doodad just before a *goto_scene common in the startup file but before all text.

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I do believe you need to click “save” twice in order to overwrite the old save. Until the yes/no popup shows.

If you only do it once, the save name will disappear, but it will still hold the old data.

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I don’t think this is the issue they’re running into. They’re getting a green popup box that says it’s been successfully overwritten.

Then I’m afraid I have no clue what’s causing it. Is your WIP the only one affected? Do those people also encounter this in other works?

The people I speak of generally are friends of mine that only play my WIP as far as I’m aware. Tried getting them here, they aren’t having it.

I’ll note that it doesn’t seem to be -everyone- that plays my WIP that’s having this issue so it could very well be a browser issue.

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You’re not alone. I had that issue too with my game and even had something like that below it was weird.

I had only one page break there… I though my codes were broken… then I cleared the saves and restarts and it was gone.

I would say ask them to delete old saves and make new ones. It worked for me.

Strange. It’s weird to me, honestly, that they’re encountering this issue even when I expanded the number of save slots so they could save to new slots.

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Ah, that’s not your fault:

That happens when the game is updated and the saves try to go to a spot that ‘doesn’t exist’ anymore and restart the respective file.

When you push a larger update/one with changes to startupt/etc it’s usually the best idea to start from the start (and reloading the first page) for players

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Will they need to play through the whole thing then?

yes., especially when you added new variables