Updating games on dashingdon [ANSWERED]

Hi, I just uploaded the first scene for my first game on dashingdon (hell yeah, I’m a gamedev now) and later fixed a few things and reuploaded that scene, but dashingdon still uses the original version of the code and I’m not sure of what exactly I’m doing wrong or how I update a scene I already uploaded to dashingdon so I would be super grateful if someone could explain that to me.

and yes, that game is gonna stay private until I at least get all of character creation done so no sneak peeks :stuck_out_tongue:

ANSWER: in case anyone is having the same problem and doesn’t want to read through the main dashingdon post here is how to fix that: it is just a cache thing, the game has updated correctly but you are still viewing the old version, clear your cache or open the link in incognito mode and you will see the updated version of your scene.

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Congrats on being a gamedev.

There’s some discussion of files being cached and games not being the current version in the Dashingdon thread. I’d have a read through there and see if the answer’s in it.


thanks for the quick reply and sorry for not checking on the obvious place first, gonna check on that right now

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