How to See Code on

Is the game you’re testing hosted on Dashingdon?

Here’s a walkthrough:

  1. Create a folder
    1a. Rename it to the name of the game you’re testing.

  2. Go to
    2a. Click on the name of the game you’re testing.
    2b. (For illustration purposes, we will test “After: Zero Life” by Bonnie Scheeler)

  3. You should be at:
    3a. Change the URL to:
    3b. What we have done here is to go to the list of scenes. You can do this with any game on by changing the URL to: …mygame/scenes/
    3c. Open all of the links, one by one if you have to.
    3d. Example: If you click on “startup.txt” it will take you to to startup.txt
    3e. If using Firefox, click on File --> Save As
    3f. A screen should pop up asking you what you want to save it as.
    3g. Pick the default settings, but save the file in the folder you made earlier.
    3h. Repeat for all the files in the list of scenes.

  4. If you don’t have Notepad++, download and install it.
    4a. Using Notepad++, open all the text files in the folder you made earlier.
    4b. Since Notepad++ can easily switch between opened text files (you just click on whatever tab you want to see), it is now very easy to run the game in your browser and follow along with Notepad++.
    4c. Easily make notes of where you found an error by looking at the name of the text file in your current tab in Notepad++ (for example startup.txt), then by looking at the line number where the error (such as a typo) occurred.
    4d. Example Feedback: day_1.txt, Line 105: I think the stats should be changed differently in this fake_choice (insert your details here).
    4e. This way the author can easily reference your suggestion.
    4f. Thank you for reading!


I think the thread’s title should be changed to “How to see the code of dashingdon hosted WIPs” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Or “How to cheat by reading the raw code”


Agreed. I’ve changed the thread title @Carlos.R.

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