How do I beta test?

I’m sorry, this is really a stupid question, I know, but how do I request beta testing? Do I enter a link to my index file? Do I upload my files?


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Here is an article which should answer your questions:

This master-link for beginners should also provide resources to help you figure things out.

Good Luck.


You mean how to test your game aside from quicktest and randomtest?
Two ways:
Open index. html from the gamefolder in firefox or safari
Upload stuff to dashingdon and playtest there (this is also for having others test your game)

Thank you. You’ve been extremely helpful. :grin:

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Thanks for replying, but I’ve been running my on play test and have had family members play test sections of my game as I wrote it that way. I meant to be able to get the public to test it before sending to COG. Thanks for responding though. :slight_smile:

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Start a thread, put in a basic description, and a link to the game on dashingdon.

People will play the game and comment, some of which will be useful like typo corrections, story ideas, and other useful bits.

Or do you prefer a private beta test, which will require more work on your part, but some people here do prefer that.

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