Dashingdon - 0 Files Uploaded

Hello there,

So I’m a bit stuck in that when trying to upload a .txt file onto dashingdon it tells me that there’s ‘0 files uploaded’?

I’ve gone through my code, used randomtest, quicktest, and also checked it myself, so there’s no errors that I can see or think of? I’ve uploaded files onto dashingdon before, and it works to a point, however after that point in the code it starts to say that there’s ‘0 files uploaded’. I can see no visible difference between the code in those two areas. Still I’ve tried recoding the section where it stops working, and coding it in a different style (using *goto instead of *fake_choice) and still it tells me there are ‘0 files uploaded’. I’m quite puzzled about what’s wrong.

If anyone has any advice/solution, it’d be greatly appreciated.

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Is the response that I got from @dashingdon when I asked a question about the same problem.

Normally though after a day or half a day my files are uploaded just fine.

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Okay. I’ll give it some time and see if it all works out. Thank you for the information!