Dashingdon 404 error

I’ve uploaded my game files to dashing don and everything seems ok. But when I try to play test it, I get this 404 error.

Try clearing Browser cache, if it doesn’t work try a different browser.

Thanks but that was not it.

Check so that all the chapters you want to upload really has uploaded, I’ve had the same error by trying to upload too many at once, or individual chapters that were too large. The bar that measures your upload progress looks the same regardless, but the number of files uploaded it tells you at the end will be wrong.

Everything looks good from that end.

Make sure your file names are all in lower case. “l” instead of “L”, “m” instead of “M”.

Not sure if it is the actual problem but make sure that your .txt files have not been converted from some other format. (like from .doc to .txt)

Other than that, you can try to create a new game and upload the same files, maybe that will work.

I did all the coding in CSIDE then got the files from straight from Dropbox.

I checked. They’re all lowercase, thanks.