Dashingdon is not uploading

I’m trying to upload a few image files into Dashingdon. Each time I do it says “0 files uploaded” despite the file being displayed where it is supposed to be.


Also I cannot get my game’s save feature working anymore using *sm_init shattered_stars | 4 which is… not great.


Okay, checklist:

  • files loaded via the correct uploading thing? (the one below where you’d upload the txt files, some people overlook that at first)
  • All files in the right format?
  • All files smaller than 1MB?

The top upload section is for txt files for me. I uploaded the main bits there. Those upload but the *sm_init shattered_stars | 4 is not working. There’s not even a bar saying ‘bad save’ or anything at the top.

Format? My scene files are .txt if that’s what you mean and my images are .png .

All files including images need to be sub 1mb?

Pictures have to be lower than 2MB, I ran into that issue recently so I know from experience.

Oof. How do you reduce an image file size?

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So what I did was I’d click on the image and pick “edit”, which brought me to Windows Paint, then I saved the image from there and it gotten lighter somehow without losing quality, I’m not sure why or how that worked, but it did.

I’ll give it a try then. It’ll still be a .png file right?

If you save it as such, yes. I would suggest using jpg as that’s what I did, but png should work too.

jpg compresses and rasterizes the file, png does not. It can be either a blessing or a curse. Also, as far as I remember, jpg does not support alpha channels (i could be wrong), which means no transparency. If possible I’d suggest keeping the images as png. There many online tools that can resize your images. A quick google search should yield some.

Here’s my checklist for uploading non-txt files to DD:

  1. Is the file name completely lowercase?
  2. Does the file name have any special characters (like a _)? If so, rename it.
  3. Is it .jpg or .jpeg? Because DD wants .jpg
  4. Is the file under 1MB in size?
  5. Is it a .png, .jpg. or .svg? Because other image file types are not supported

Assuming all of the above are true, I don’t have any more advice. If it’s #4 though, there are plenty of free websites that will resize photos for you in a few seconds.


Doesn’t Dashingdon accept _? :thinking:

Yeah it was the size. Fixed it now though.

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