Freeze on Play again (Solved)

Whenever I test out my game then click ‘play again’ - or at least, most of the time when I do this - the whole site freezes…does anyone know a fix for this? :slight_smile:


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Unfortunately, I have no idea what’s wrong. If it was an error message, I could probably help, but the fact that it’s crashing suggests that it’s probably something wrong with your computer, rather than with the game itself. The only thing I can think of is that maybe you’re playing it on a difficult browser. I find that Firefox is the best browser to use when testing my own games. If you’re already using Firefox, then I’m afraid I have no idea. :disappointed:

Edit: Unless you’re playing the game on dashingdon, in which case, I find the site sometimes crashes too, and it’s usually just because I have a poor internet connection.

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It says “Bad label. Undefined.”

Would I fix it by adding text under my label?

I sort of left the future ones empty for now…

I think that fixed it lol…still trying out though.

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Yup. XDDD I wasted your time. Sorry!

Oh, sorry. When you said it froze, I thought you meant it just crashed and wouldn’t load. Yeah, there are loads of different error messages that I get when playing back my games. Usually it’s just because I made a slight coding error at some point. They’re usually pretty simple to fix. :blush:

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