Urgent! bug/problem


every time i play a game on here a pop up says something about an “uncaught error” and also says to click ok to email problem and when i click out of it the thing freezes my game. and when i click ok it puts me through a loop. it happens on all the games i play here and it keeps coming back again and again its annoying. has anyone else has this happen or is it just me?


What browser are you using, friend?


google chrome


That’s really strange. Really, really strange. I’ve not heard of anyone ever experiencing similar problems I’m afraid.

Could you provide us with a screenshot? It may help.


I just played Choice of Dragon with Chrome on Windows 7 64-bit and had no problems.


well i guess its just me. ill just use internet explorer. it does not happen when i play it there


Amazing how IE works, but Chrome refuses to.