JavaScript Issue Advice/Help Needed

I’m a writer and have been wanting to attempt writing a game ever since I found this site several months ago. This is also my first time working with code of any form, so my first question is probably something obvious that should be simple to solve, which is why I don’t want it to deter me.

When I go to test the sample game, the one about your people starving, or to open the blankgame in chrome I am giving a notice about there being a JavaScript Alert, that prevents it from being opened. If I’m hopelessly ignorant of how to solve this simple problem please someone let me know, so that I can get started working on the code. Writing the stories themselves shouldn’t be an issue for me, simply the act of putting it in code.

Any other advice for help would be appreciated.



Try using a different browser. Both Internet Explorer and Firefox work well. Chrome unfortunately doesn’t.

That seems to have fixed it thank you.

Glad to be of help. Good luck with writing your game.