Mobile users unable to access alpha game pages

We are working on a ChoiceScript game using the dfabulich-choicescript-04e8d60 archive from GitHub. We have started a closed alpha testing phase and have discovered that mobile users (iPhone/iPod and Blackberry so far) are unable to access the page via the same URL that desktop users are able to use.

We have posted the files to the website starting at the dfabulich-choicescript-04e8d60/www/web node of the archive contents, and as I said desktop web browsers have no trouble accessing the game.

well I haven’t pc and I have tested like dozen of closed alpha beta oficial games without any problem. so sound weird

You might want to tell us where you’re trying to host it first, perhaps provide us with said URL too - there’s not much we can do with without more information.

Thanks CJW. I sent you a private message with an account/password and the URL where it is located.

Thanks to @CJW we were able to solve this problem, it is a Safari Mobile (iOS) browser incompatibility issue with the access controls on our website.

I installed Atomic Web Browser and went to Settings->Identify Browser As and chose Safari Desktop (the Full Edition of Atomic Browser, the free Lite Edition doesn’t have the Identify Browser As feature) and was able to get to the game. I encountered an error, “ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: atomicFindClose” but it didn’t seem to affect the game.

So, if anyone else runs into this problem set your mobile browser to identify itself as a desktop browser and it should fix the problem.

Thanks @CJW.