Creation Games on Mobile?


So I have a question. Currently, I have little access to computers unless I go to the local libraey, but I have an Amazon Kindle Fire. Now I can edit the ChoiceScript files just fine, open it up in ES and save. The thing I have a hard time is with viewing these files. I have Silk and Opera downloaded, but it says “error loading script”. In my options, I have JavaScript enabled.

I could probably download Firefox through an apk or whatnot, but was just wondering about a direct solution.


It’s usually advised to run CS in Firefox on desktop units, so your next best step would probably be to get Firefox as you speculated. No guarantees still though.


Yea, if you can get Firefox, that should, at the very least, give a clearer picture of what the error actually is (if not fix the problem entirely). Mozilla has a test version of their mobile release that you can sideload.