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I think it would be interesting if you made a game based in an elite high school mystery type thing. Where you are a new student or teacher who just transferred to the school that has an ancient unsolved mystery within its walls.


I would be very excited for a game where you are the leader of a country, and you can choose the Capital, Leadership, Government etc. Where you can put peace treaties and wage wars. I would be a Just Ruler with a Direct Democracy and an empire from China, to Arab.


I think a game where you played as a ‘god’ would be great. You would play as either a good moral god(dess) or an evil demonic entity that eats the souls of the dammed, or a mortal raised to a more lofty life as a god/demon.
Not sure what the story could be, it could be similar to Choice of Dragon, were your just living life and you deal with events that you come across.
The events could be how you deal with the spread of your religion, do you end up coming off as a cult, or a genuine religion?

These are a few stats that I can think of off the top of my head…

Moral alignment (easy one, evil demon god or nice happy god. 1-100, 1 evil-100 nicest god in town)

Fame (1-100, 1-nobodys heard of you, 100 everybody knows that your up there, no doubt about that.)

Worshipers. (#) how many of the unwashed mass’s believe in you. Affects prosperity.

Prosperity (#, equivalent to current U.S standard.) How much money your people spend on you, temples, offerings, the quality of the offering, holy relics, Etc.

And as a neat filler you could add what your ‘Avatar’ among the mortals could be: spider, boar, a little maiden, floating linguine beast, Etc.

I can think of a few possible endings based on a few of my stat ideas:

One were your religion continues for millennium, and you grow in strength and power until you become the sole god of the realm, crushing all who oppose you. (relys on having absurdly high fame, and average wealth)

Another can be that while your religion has long been forgotten, the monuments your people built still inspire awe in future generations.
(not the best fame, absurdly high prosperity.)

Another could be were no one remembers you, you fade out of memory, and no one ever gives a flying Sh** about you ever again on this world.
(low fame, low prosperity)

You destroy the world as it plunges into insanity, forest fires, earthquakes, diseases, every single ability at your demonic hands is exploited the hell out of, (in a quite literal sense) as you bring about your own Armageddon. You then grow bored and move onto the next world. And the next. (requires less than 10 morality.)

You quickly eradicate disease, suffering, strife, and eventually, death. Every one lives the best life in the entire universe. Nothing every terribly bad happens. You have created Utopia. Can you save another world from its own vices?
(requires morality higher than 90)

Just kind of thought of this as I wrote… The idea came to me when I was running the cult in Choice of Dragons… Not to mention Sims, or Cid Myers.

(You know what? Frack it, I admit, I want to play god. literally.)


How about a game were your character runs a taco truck and one day a mysterious stranger sells you a new ingredient for your tacos but the nrw ingredient starts turning people into zombies and now you have to survive the zombie apocalypse using only your knowledge of taco making


this sounds interesting :open_mouth:


I have an idea for a title, but so far no story to go with it. The story would be called Editor’s Choice. :smiley:


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