Game Requests/Ideas

Post your requests/ideas for a CYOA game (ChoiceScript or not), and hope that someone will see it and make a game out of it (or maybe post a link to a game that used that idea). If you do begin to make a game, please say it here. There can be more than one person working on an idea. Feel free to bring out your deepest geek or wishes here…just keep the ideas/requests realistic (i.e. A request asking for a game where you can enter a swearing contest will probably not be fufilled).

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I am currently working on a game called " Omaha Beach " and it is about a soldiers experience in D-day during WW2.

My dream a game about the bad guy that always wins instead of the good guy (light yagami)

I wanted to say one involving superheroes, where you get to pick your powers and origin, but I think someone’s doing that already.

How about a western? Like in Choice of Broadsides, if you choose to play a woman, gender roles are completely flipped, and of course thoughts on same-sex marriages and such are loose to nonexistant (though romance in general need not be the focus, or indeed, an option). Skills could include roping, riding, gambling, and of course, shooting/dueling.
Big hats are mandatory, of course. :stuck_out_tongue:

I lack the skills and know-how to do this myself, sadly.

A game where you play an animal/fake species with either all animal communication (understanding english or not) or special communication

@ArchAngel950 If you like superhero stories, this is one that is very popular on its site. The story is pretty much laid out for you, but it’s pretty good. I think there are about 7 games in the series.

How about a game in which your character is a cambion (half-incubus/succubus, half-human) in a modern day setting (or any setting really), with three paths to ultimately choose from. These paths? A path to become full incubus/succubus but seducing a killing a human, then living your live as from there, meeting others, much like Choice of Vampire. A path to become full human, which involves hunting down and killing you incubus/succubus parent, or finding a way without having to do so. A path to live life as a half, playing with your incubus/succubus magic as you will.

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Space Epic. 'Nuff Said.

@Zed Define “Space”…and “Epic”


@HeroMaster, I have one game started in which I had planned to make it possible to play either a good guy or a bad guy or somewhere in between, and still be able to finish the game whatever your choice. The story would read differently depending on how good or bad you were perceived to be, but no moral choice would prevent you from finishing the main objective of the game. That game is on hold right now. I will try to sneak in some work on it occasionally as I work on my other projects.

Ooh, how about a fantasy cyberpunk, like Shadowrun? Or just cyberpunk, without the fantasy. Something with cybernetics, and maybe magic.

Currently working on planning for several games includin living shadows and apocalyptic ones. I literally have every little detail planned for the games but i only stated self teaching myself coding yesterday so am not really gud at that yet. was just wondering if anyone if anyone was willin to help with the codeing whyle im still learning to…
Cheers :slight_smile:

Looking forward to it

I’m working on another game on the side to my main project Rise Of the Pirate. No name as of yet but it is a cyberpunk heavily inspired by the Deus Ex series (Mainly human revolution, actually that’s when the idea came to me) but ill finish ROTP first i think

I would like to see a game where you play as a native american

A politics game where you rule a country perhaps either as King or in a government.
A military game where you’re a soldier through the ranks/leader whatever
A revolutionary game where you lead a revolution (akin to Suikoden actually) and eventually begin the rebuilding of the nation (or bugger off…)

An legal game based where you’re made a legal Judge in a fictional nation with fictional laws. Bonus points if you’re the first judge ever as the nation is recently established and requires you to be at the forefront of lawmaking or whatnot.

-ahem-, yeah my wishes are very unlikely to ever occur as an indie game =(

I like the idea of a revolutionary game and I absolutely would like the rebuilding
of the country and depending on your decisions what the country and its people turn out to be.

@RVallant Would there be a counter-revolution option?

@RVallant I think you’ve got something there with the revolutionary idea and yes a part with a counter-coúp would be awesome