Game Requests/Ideas

Not really, they would just be two different reactions to the same backdrop. The revolutionary, counter-revolutionary, passive observer, opportunist, et cetera, types of people would all be different reactions in one sequence, rather than several competing games merged together.

@Drazen I’d love to see a counter-revolution but I’d expect if someone was to write an in-depth choice game on a revolutionary concept they’d have to literally do two full books and merge them together in a sense?

Aha, well let me know if you start it =)

It would be awesome to play as a native American, you could maybe create your own tribe and customs etc

@RoseQueenKamijo but it would be cooler in a fantasy world. You would be the chieftain of a tribe, and could advance slowly, and would be a constant war with rival tribes.

In classic CoG fashion, I’d wanna see Choice of the Musician and Choice of the Viking.

If I had the skill and/or patience, I would write a game inspired by Greco-Roman mythology. You could either play as a nymph, an assistant to a Hades-like god, or a demigod/goddess. One could play each as either gender, but the gender and race would have an impact on gameplay.
For example, if you were to play a male nymph, the background story would involve a god stealing your wife. In another game, you may start off as an undead assistant to the lord of the underworld, sent on a routine mission to collect souls.
I don’t really have any main plot ideas and/or conflicts. Maybe your character uncovers a plot that might end the world or something. :-?

@RVallant I’ve actually been thinking about doing something of the sort.

Choose to rule your kingdom as you choose. Weather as a corrupted tyrant/dictator. Or a King/President that rules well. Depending on modern or more midevilish time period.

While as others instead of revolutionist wants to tear a country down. Can choose to destroy it from the inside or take it on head on as a terrorist/rebel.

Of course this project is probably to big for me, therefore i’ll have to be doing this as a joint project. Both in writing and coding.

I’ve always been a fan of Wuxia fiction, and I have noticed the lack of the usually Chinese-exclusive Wuxia genre here, so I have aimed to create a story under the Wuxia genre;

Edit: Choice of Kung Fu wasn’t exactly Wuxia; traditional wuxia seldom involves emperors and dragons, which sort of puts it between mythology and wuxia. Also, I felt that the magic stat destroyed it a bit, as did the presence of foreigners. Anyway, this is what my planned story is like:

It all starts when you were a child. You are enrolled in a combat school, with only one master of Kung Fu there. He teaches you, along with four other (then) young children, whichever arts you wish to learn. He taught you the way of his path, whether it was the white path or the black path, allowing you to enter the Jiang Hu in later life, and favours you to be his successor, calling you the most promising of his students.

However, just as he was about to complete the traditional ceremonies to allow you to leave his tutelage and enter the Jiang Hu, you are attacked by masked enemies. Although your ShiFu is one of the greatest masters that walked the Jiang Hu in his youth, he had retired himself from the Jiang Hu and no longer practices his own martial arts so much, and you are vastly outnumbered.

Holding off the attackers on his/her own, your ShiFu orders all of his five students (including you) to escape. As you flee, you see one of the attackers stab your ShiFu with a poisoned blade, dying in the process.

As you flee, you are pursued by the remnants of the original 30 something attackers, which have dwindled to 20 or so. However, despite the ten that your ShiFu killed, the five of you combined are still too weak to defeat them, and flee onwards.

Eventually, you have reached the edge of your ShiFu’s domain; guarded by fast flowing waters, there is only one spare boat left that the attackers couldn’t find and burn. You may only take one more of your fellow students with you, and the rest of them valiantly hold off the attackers until you have escaped.

You are now in the Jiang Hu, but not as you have hoped… you are wounded, penniless, and your ShiFu is dead. You and your chosen fellow student swear vengeance on the attackers, and take up the task of avenging your fallen comrades… But who were those masked attackers?

That is how the story starts.

You set yourselves a vendetta to avenge your fallen brothers and sisters, and hunt for the truth from fragments. Along the way, however, you find out many, many things about your ShiFu’s past… Why would someone proclaimed as the greatest master of all leave the Jiang Hu and travel to the far west? What did your ShiFu involve him/her self in while he/she was in the Jiang Hu?

Each and every one of the attackers has his/her own tale of vengeance. Was your ShiFu deserving of death, and were those attackers deserving of death?

That is my idea. I know, I’m too long-winded. I can’t help it, it was an idea that has been fermenting for three years, ever since the first hosted games came out…

@Wyrmspawn That sounds like a really great idea. :slight_smile:

Thank you, I had been working on this one for a while by now.

I’m now working on a fantasy-setting story, where you get thrown in prison with three others and you need to survive, or even escape. You can achieve that by maybe charming the guards into helping you, or forming a good relationship with one of the other inmates. Maybe you can pit them against each other while you stay at the sidelines and use the confusion to escape. There are a lot of possibilities and what you can do depends heavily on your interaction with the other inmates and the guards. There is also a skill system, but that is less important since you can compensate for your lack of skills by choosing the right companion.

I’ve always wanted to see a modern day military story. I wanted to start one but I can’t find the time.

I would like to see a pacific rim type mech robot type one

I want a cheesy romantic game :DDD haha… I was thinking of making one, and still might if I get writers block…

Also, I think a spy game would be magnificent. I remember someone talked about creating a game that took place during the Cold War a long time ago and it sounded magnificent. Think of the secrets! The guilt! All the chances to be a sly asshole!

And to everyone talking about a revolutionary COYA, my game How the Cards Fall is pretty much going to be one. Well… like 3/4 of the paths are. The last one is more like a one man revolution, haha. (Shamelessly self advertising? Lolol)

@slycooper11 Ugh, that would be so cool. But I think half the fun of mecha are the visuals.

i would like to be a person in the military. classes being, sniper/scout, tactician, and solider(like navy seals). in near future setting with wars in Africa, Asia, and Russia. you were raised in America(though you shouldn’t have to be American) and thanks to potential you’ve shown you are now on the front lines and dodging bullets each day

@potato I’m working on a game that’s kind of a supernatural story being stuck in a town by a spirit and the town has a soap opera type feel with deception, romance, and power struggles. Is that cheesy enough for you? Should have it ready for testing mid August.

@spyfox259 Yesssss. All you need are spies and it would be perfect.

@spyfox259 Wheeee! That sounds fun! I want to play.

@FairyGodfeather Well I’m already working on it with the coding expertise of @XxLordNamelessxX so two brains and it would be better off foot but so far we only scratched the surface. By mid August the intro and chapter and a half or so should be up if I keep it on schedule.

@potato there is a mysterious character who very well could be a spy. We’ll see if I could make it so.