Game of 20 - (WiP) Updated 9/26


20 individuals each with their own story were kidnapped and held hostage. Forced to participate in a game they did not want to play, how will they react? What will their actions be? You, the one behind it, the Mastermind of the game decided to blend in with them and spark the flames of your “players” and subject them to breakdowns. Who will survive in the end…?

Please keep in mind this is not a happy story, this game will possibly tread on grey areas and immoral choices. There will not be a “good” ending and there will be breakdowns, deaths, and talks along with actions of delicate subjects.

Updates are unknown. I usually write in my spare time due to college, but I’ll try to release as soon as I can.


Demo Release.

New scenes. Fixed errors. Relationships have now been added. New link as I forgot the old account.


Well psychological horror is one of my favorite genres so you’ve definitely got my interest! I like this idea but do you think it will be hard to code so many characters? I’m assuming there will be some main characters and then background characters you don’t​ really interact with in any meaningful context, just to keep it easy. Like ones that have set actions happen to them VS ones we can change the outcome. I’ve always wanted to play a serial killer type game as well, but I feel like it may be a difficult approach since you don’t want to come off as condoning or justifying it even when you aren’t. IMO it sounds a lot easier to make us one of the players rather than the mastermind; but I can see an angle where we have the option to be an uncover accomplice working from the inside.

Some of my favorite games are ones where you can choose to be bad or good too, so I can see that stat fitting in here. But that also brings up the questions of what’s good and what’s bad. Like if I choose to spare Josh instead of Sandra, will I gain evil points even though it was a tough decision for me? At the same time, that can be alleviated with detailed options like “I pick Josh because i hate him” vs “I pick Josh because I have no other choice”. Or even choices you pick after the fact where you ask us how we feel about what happened, like “I don’t feel anything”, “I feel great”, “I feel really bad” something along those lines.

Also… I really liked Total Drama Island. For some reason this made me think of some kind of gruesome version where the challenges are to the death.


OK just a couple quick questions.

1: why do these games occur it is similar to a hunger games or more of a purge to let everyone let out some steam.

2 when you say we will be the mastermind does that mean we can control the fights e.g give people weapons.

3 will there be any RO’s if you don’t know what that means it means romantic options .

4 what kind of stats do you plan on having in-game I imagine good and bad would be one example perhaps sanity .


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Your idea reminds me a bit of the Saw franchise.

If we’re the mastermind and you do go with the path that we’re set to be in the game as just another player, how exactly would that work? Like if we’re voted to be killed off, would our death be faked and we’d just go behind the scenes?

As for the ones competing, I’m curious whether they were kidnapped, if they unwittingly signed up, or something else?


You don’t question my sanity!!!

fuck I forgot to take my meds!

Back on topic… CöøL concept would love to try your game

@cottoncandy @Centralrouge GrinningReaper Thank you for the interests.

To cottoncandy It certainly will be hard to code many characters, however for a survival game, many characters would probably be necessary and yes there would be main characters and background characters that die for story reasons. Set outcomes and the ones you can change is indeed something I have in mind too. It is a difficult approach because of the planning and setting and how you’ll shape your character, because like you said justifying or condoning your actions makes it a bit harder. It is probably easier to make you one of the players because that would be way easier than sitting behind a screen and just…talking to yourself.

Regarding the good and bad, I have three routes planned. Spoilers here, but first route is everyone dies, but you. Second route is you live along with a select few, third route is you die for someone. There will be stages in the game where you can die but most of the time you’ll know or at least I’ll hint you. And about the stats, what I have currently is a suspicion bar, where if you do something out of the ordinary in front of certain people or others, it’ll rise. If you max it, it’ll cut to a bad end immediately. There will not be a good or bad, because what you’re doing is already pretty bad. But sparing others and killing others raises or drops relationships with others (unless they’re dead).

To Centralrouge 1. I have yet to think of the reason to start this game, but it’ll be a private game where only you know what’s going on.
2. Basically, yes. You’re the one controlling everything.
3. I am considering RO’s. I mean love in the middle of a torture game? Sure, why not? Seems awesome. 95% chance yes.
4. Suspicion stat, where if you do something out of the ordinary in front of others or certain people it’ll rise. It can also drop. Not sure what else yet.

To GrinningReaper Oh, yes Saw. A bit different but in a way similar.
What I have in mind is that if you’re the mastermind and also a player, you will technically never be voted to be killed off unless you intentionally do it. The system is rigged to favor you and you can always alter anything in it. You know everyone’s information and what they like, dislike and so on. Basically everyone is on your fingertip. Faking death sounds cool, perhaps I could give that as an option, but then you’d be behind the screen only talking to yourself…

As for the people competing, they would most likely be kidnapped. However, it’s not random kidnapping.


I prefer being in the game myself I think that would be awesome


Also just throwing it out there will you have open testing or closed beta testers

@Misa101 Indeed. It would be easier and more interactions than not.

@Centralrouge For now, open testing. I prefer to be able to hear everyone’s opinions. Perhaps I could even get more ideas.


Oh my god, it’s the sims!


you might want to visit here if you haven’t already

Thanks. Already looked through some guides before. Have a general idea on how to use.


Also Don’t stress about getting a demo out just write as quickly or as slowly as you want that is what happened to me I got too stressed out and abandoned my game Don’t do that. silently starts crying

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I’d say it’s safe to assume that a majority of people would be interested in seeing what type of Nobel you’d be able to create, and the world that we’d be able to explore, along with getting into some more every now and then :wink:

Personally I think it would be best if you first know that you’d be absolutely sure you’d want togo ahead with what your planning

Because if not, it would be really disappointing later down the road if you just decide to quit all together, I’ve seen that happen to many times already, not to discourage you or anything.

Just make sure you’ve fleshed out the basics, and gathered the resolve to go for it! :laughing:

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@Centralrouge @Kyle Thanks. You both are right. I should probably plan it out first before releasing or doing anything. If I do, do this it’ll take a lot of time to do and complete.


Hey man no worries if you ever need anything just PM me or mention my name in the thread and I will be here to help xD

Sounds pretty cool and kind of reminds me of things like btoom or Saw. Would be great if you could be like Dr Ford from Westworld or have some ultimate goal for why you’re doing it and maybe ROs could be possible apprentices or at least people who share you’re philosophy in some way.

@Centralrouge Thanks a lot man. I’ll b sure to!

@lgeass88 Are you reading my mind? That’s basically what I was thinking of regarding the ROs and the “goal”.


Lol naw just seemed like the best way to do it other wise you risk turning something interesting into torture porn. Dr Ford seemed like a good example because he had a conflict on many sides plus he had multiple reasons for making the park the way he did and any reason could be a good thing to draw inspiration from. As far as ROs go it’s all ways good to have people to bounce ideas off of…or to have some since of a challenge. What better way than to have someone who thinks just like you or someone completely opposite of you but good enough to make you question you’re belief…or someone who defies all logic but still succeed? Just a thought though.

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Interested in your novel ,it’s a survival game so player’s that is inside that game or survival game of sort will die of traps? Or you will be killing each other ? Or something is hunting them? Or there is a system that when you are picked you need to kill a player for example “kill James or jade” like that?