Gambling With Eternity

(Hope not a repeat thread)

Tried the demo for this and enjoyed it, but was hoping to get it for the Chrome Web Store. Any chance it’ll appear on there?

if you dont want to buy it straight from the CoG website you can get it from Google Play on the dropdown list below the game on the Hosted Games page


Yeah looks like that’s what I’ll do, thanks for the advice : )

Hello, has anyone finished playing and unlocking all achievements for this game? I’ve tried every choice and unlocked every achievement except Fate #11 of 27–Watchful Eye which I still cannot get. Can someone please tell me how to achieve that ending? Thanks!

(Trying to avoid spoilers here…let me know if this is too vague :slight_smile: ) Fate #11 should be unlocked if you survive a monster truck rally and choose not to return to the Agency. Hope that helps!

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Thanks! It is pretty clear! =)

No problem! Glad to hear you’re exploring all the endings :slight_smile:

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