FYI: Our apps don't work in Voiceover for iOS 8.0


We’ve received a number of reports recently that our apps don’t work in “Voiceover” mode for iOS 8, which reads the game aloud for visually impaired users. I’ve confirmed that, indeed, our games really don’t work in Voiceover mode on iOS 8, even though they used to work in iOS 7.1, and that this is due to a bug in iOS 8.

The effect of the bug is that it’s not possible to activate the “Next” button at the bottom of the screen, which should normally lock in a choice selection and display the next page of content. When Voiceover users double-tap to activate the “Next” button, Voiceover makes the “button activate” sound effect and repeats the name of the button, “Next,” but nothing else happens.

I’ve identified a minimal, complete and verifiable example of the Voiceover iOS 8 bug and filed a bug report to Apple’s bug reporter (which they call “Radar”).

Apple’s bug reporter is hidden, so folks have made a web app called OpenRadar where people can copy and paste their bugs, so third parties can comment and review the bug. I’ve posted a copy of the bug there. (Note that Apple doesn’t read anything posted to OpenRadar; it’s just for your information.)

I’ve also posted a question on a couple of Q&A sites, asking if there’s any way to work around the bug.

Ordinarily at this point, I’d also file an Apple Technical Support Incident, but I can’t: there’s a bug in Apple’s TSI reporting system that makes it impossible for anyone to file tech support tickets. (Charming, eh?) I’ll try it again in a week or two, but I’m not anticipating any useful results from filing a TSI; they’re just going to tell me that they can reproduce the bug and that there’s no workaround for now.

IMO, at this point, we’re stuck waiting for Apple.


Woohoo! iOS 8.1.1 has fixed the VoiceOver bug.