Visually Impaired and Blind Users: Screenreaders + Android

I had a query come in from a visually impaired user. They told me they were running Jellybean 4.2 and the screenreader Talkback was not working with one of our games. Any insights on other phone screenreaders for Android? Also, I guess Jellybean 4.2 is maybe on the older side of Android OS, but I’m assuming there’s a reason the user can’t/won’t upgrade.

Talkback works fine for me and I have it synced with an app called BrailleBack. However my phone is using the latest lollipop version of android. Jellybean has some setbacks with the Talkback application and even with the update it is still buggy. I had to ask someone to upgrade my phone to make it work properly.

But if the person won’t upgrade then they can try Accessibility Launcher Lite. I use that as a backup for navigating my phone since it has the same purpose of Talkback. It is available to download at google play store, but I’m not sure if it became free or not.


Thank you so much for the help!

Welcome, hope this will help that person or any other person having trouble
with playing CoG games using the Talkback app.