Catering for the blind readers


So, me and my team were talking about how will blind people be able to read and acess the game. So for our game (The Corp) we was wandering if we could make an audio-book option and enable them to play as well or some sort of brail/audio feature.

I thought it would be of some use to all because we believe that books should be enjoyed by all. So I reckon if we all knock our brains together we maybe be able to resolve this issue.


We’ve got some people who’re blind/visually impaired who’re members of the forums. Hopefully they’ll be able to answer this.

Jason’s previously said


I was thinking maybe we could upload some sort of audio-book feature that will work together with IOS but I do think it is important not to neglect the blind or impaired uses


I myself am visually impaired and so I would just like to know how would this work in conjunction with the game?


I myself am not visually impaired so I don’t know how well this would fair. But maybe when you enter the game it could double tap the screen to big audio-book or something? Or on the stats screen or the beginning it says begin audio-book and when you enter the story it reads out the text and then you have 10 seconds to pick an option if you don’t pick anything then it moves onto a different option?



Why not ask “What would make games more accessible?” And what makes games less accessible? I’d start off by asking a lot of questions, doing some research.

Since from what Jason’s previously posted the games are already fairly accessible. That’s not to say they’re perfect, and that there’s not room for improvement. Perhaps having the game voiced would be preferable to using a screen reader, for instance?


CoG’s games should already be accessible by built in screen readers on various devices.


Although having an audio book option may be great, I think CoG games are already accessible enough. Voice-over on the iPhone works absolutely fine with these games.
I don’t know about any other visually impaired gamers but I feel having an audio book option is not necessary.


I think also, an audio-book style would be enjoyed by a younger generation. I remember when I was young I had a little taps recorder which played stories when I went too sleep. If we could replicate something like this with a choice script and enable a auto play feature I personally would think it would be a great success.

I know those tape like recording have gone out of fashion but I feel that with choice script and the use to open wider to different audiences I believe it would be a great success.


I know a number of people who still listen to audio books on their mp3 players. There’s for instance. So I wouldn’t say that they’re out of fashion, just the methods of delivery are different.

Have you made an audiobook before? Are you planning to do the reading yourself or will you hire a professional for it? Do you have recording equipment of good enough quality? Will you need sound-editing software?

You’re going to have to find either some way to make it work with choicescript, or more likely switch to a different method of making the game, one with better audio support. Do you know how to do that?

I think your intentions are good. But, you didn’t seem aware that Choice of Games already is accessible.


Like I have said. Me and my team was considering how visually impaired people play the choice scripts and whether we could help make their experience more enjoyable.

For example a person I go too school which is extremely visually impaired and struggles to see a person right upfront to him. Also his hands are deformed, when he was young his fingers were stuck together. He is a bright young lad and needs a guide to do everything with. I know he has to use brail to write and read. I am guessing that because of his hands deformities the senses on a phone won’t be able to pick up what he is trying to look for as well he will strain to see enhanced letters.


There was an idea that I’ve been thinking of trying, but I have no real way of implementing and hoping going with what you’re asking…

The idea comes from this ( It’s a virtual barber shop. It uses Binaural audio, which is pretty damn cool. I can’t really explain it, but it pretty much uses sounds (no visuals) and the listeners imagination to make it seem as though you’re really there getting a haircut.

My idea was to use something like that combined with CoG. For example, say in the middle of the CoG game you were stuck in a maze and you needed water cuz you’re thirsty or whatever. Using binaural, the player would put on earphones and listening for the sound of dripping water. The noise comes from the left side of the headphone, go left. It sounds closer so you decide to go straight, but it sounds father away meaning you’re going the wrong way. No real need for text, except maybe to chose the next options.


Wow that sounds like a extremely awesome bit of kit!



Well I’m partly blind and personally I don’t think COG need to add an audio option because there are thousands of apps that can do this already. I already have my own preferred audio application in which I don’t get annoyed by the voice reading the text for me.

Since I’m familiar with COG’s game setups then I don’t really have any problems navigating the game from the stats screen to the game screen to the achievement screen. Sure, first timers will have difficulty navigating the COG games especially people who are visually-impaired, but eventually they will get used to it and if they use an audio reader that they are familiar with then navigation of the COG games is actually going to be a breeze.


As long as you avoid the use of ascii art, I think you’re fine. I’ve worked as a volunteer for several years now on a text-based MUD, and those are the few instances we have had trouble with visually impaired members of the player base.

Considering how playing MUDs involves a lot of real time typing and dialogue with other players–not to mention the spam of combat triggers flying across the screen–it doesn’t surprise me at all that CoG is already considered accessible! :thumbsup:


Whenever I forget and start going on about “We could just make the text an image, and it will look however you want!” someone (usually @FairyGodfeather) reminds me that would break the game for blind players. I think that also might be a reason so few games here are illustration-heavy.

It’s definitely something to keep in mind when I’ve discovered a way to do a totally visual interface, and think that’s a good thing…


@Honeymichie @Addicted

I’ve been wondering, how does having music effect things? Is it an issue? And sound-effects?


I don’t know what it’s like on other devices, but I know iOS has a voice over option built in that work very well with CS games.


@FairyGodfeather How does having music effect things? Honest for me it’s annoying as hell. I like music if what I’m reading is in braille, but since COG games are not like that and it is digital the music over laps the text reader’s voice. It’s like when you’re listening the text reader will say, “Then he went to….” Then you hear the background music and you can’t really hear what the text reader is saying. I’m thinking what happened? What again? Music mixed with the text reader just gave me a head ache.

Is it an issue? Yes, if the background music can’t be toned down because I hate it when the music mixes with the text reader.

Sound-effects? It’s a nice touch as long as it’s not a whole 3minute music that loops. A good example about the sound effects would be a “broken glass it shatters” then I hear it a glass shattering. After that silence so the text reader can continue without any more distractions.

@fantom iOS does have that feature, but any android user can just download their preferred text reader. Some are free, some are paid, but the thing is it all depends on what the person wants. I like the robotic voice better than those who like the voice reader to sound humanistic.

Writing with Screenreader in Mind
Writing with Screenreader in Mind

well COG app could allow stuff as image descriptions that means that image would have words that would only be read if COG app was detected, essentially detecting blind people(Sorry i know this sounds shitty,but i dont know how to better word it) and doing better experience for them.
essentially Picture could have script with some words and they would activate only on audio but no on text to avoid redudancy, that way you can have images without impacting blind person experience negatively.

(Sorry for my tidbits when im not visually imparied myselfbut i often find that autistic brain can sometimes solve situation better, and well i want to help)