Fully voiced gamebook?


Do you think a fully voiced CoG/HG would work? I mean having every character voiced by an actor/actress. It definitely would raise the development costs but would it be worth it?


If you’re going that route you might as well create a visual novel and get yourself some pictures too. I’d say pictures first, then audio.


I’m sure this would be an invaluable resource for blind people. How would you deal with choices though? Voice activated would be ideal but I don’t know how you’d go about doing that.


Maybe the choices could be voiced, too.

"You decide to
A. Bla blabla
B. bla bla bla
C. bla bla bla


I’m not thinking of making one just curious if people would be interested or not in one.


People do this a lot with corporate training/tutorial videos–there’s a little dramatized scene and then you make a choice to demonstrate you understand some aspect of company policy / corporate law.

My own feeling is that it is hard to achieve the production and dramatic values in a filmed or voiced scene that comes close to matching the quality I create inside my own head as I read a story and my internal stage conceives it. Seems a better fit for non-fiction than fiction.


I agree with @cottage14


Yeah thats the issue I see myself. Players imagine how they see everyone and how they sound and the voice chosen might spoil the character for the player.


What I think if it will be voiced is similar to a visual novel. Like this engine, http://www.renpy.org/


This definitely has a place and an audience. One limitation is that if you want the player to choose gender and orientation for the hero character, you have to provide parallel versions of many scenes.

I use Moviestorm for movie-type storytelling, and you can combine Moviestorm’s output with an interactive-tutorial framework for high-impact presentations. Does CoG support links to outside URLs, so I could give the option for the reader to see a scene acted out, and then come back to the CoG to make the next decision?


I hate fiction audiobooks , broken my flow my focus and my imagination. If i want heard a radio story series like Orson Wells astounding War of worlds i heard it, not read my ritm and a voice two minutes later , X(. Tin games has a mutant hybrid when some moments you hear Will whiton? You know wesley fisher from Star Trek NG , i got no idea due i mute all sound from it , like i always did with all anoying books than put music and effects in their books.