Creating Audio Games for the Blind

Hi Guys,
I’m trying to learn how to code and design games as a blind person.
I have been learning how to use C++ with Microsoft Visual Studio.
The reason I am asking for help is I want to try and create ether a RPG, or adventure audio game for blind people.
If there is anyone who is willing to help out. I’d apprecate it.
At some point I might have to figure out how to make this topic a PM topic, because I don’t want to give away my game to the masses until it is ready.
So I might need you’re guys help with story and coding and all that.
But if you have any ideas about how to design and code an audio only game for blind people, I’d apprecate any help I get.

Edit: Can someone make sure that this is in the right category? Wasn’t sure if I should have put it in off topic or where it was a good place.


This seems like an interesting challenge! I am currently working on other projects, but I sincerely wish you the best and hope you succeed!

Hi @adamthecowdog,

I moved this thread to the “Professional Services” category, so that as you flesh out your needs, people will be able to check with your OP what is needed.

The only other thread I saw that you might be interested in is:

When you are ready to make private threads for your needs, feel free to do so, leaving this here for info and updates for the public as needed.

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Didn’t someone experiment with making a voice-to-code expansion for CSIDE? Or am I misremembering things?

For anyone who doesn’t know what an audio game for the blind is, it is a game that projects everything you’d normally see in a video game, except it’s all through sound.
So you still have your normal soundsapes and mechanics and all of the stuff you’d normally have in a video game, except you have to use sound cues in the world to represent different items or characters you can interact with. However all of your menus are handled by the screenreader that the blind person uses. This allows you to provide a game where the screen can be completely black or someone provides simple images for sighted users or legally blind users to play along with the blind person. Not only are your menus spoken by the screenreader, but also in game text screens like in action adventure games are spoken out by the screreader as well.
My issue that I am having is how would someone be able to program this, if you are someone who has good enough programming experience can you explain what tools or technuqes I might be able to use to do this. Also if you could get your hand on any of the audio RPGS or adventure games out there and see if you can look at how they coded there stuff, what they used, and if a blind person would be able to do this.
Otherwise I could just have a sighted person helping me deal with all the stuff the screenreader can’t have access to. But that just doesn’t promote alternatives or independence.


You can likely achieve anything you like with enough money. This would likely be a few month’s work programming. A programmer at $30 an hour (very cheap) might have to spend a few hundred hours on it, which would quickly rack up to over $10,000. If you’ve got ten grand to spend, this is as worthwhile a cause as any, but you may need that for food and housing.

To do it yourself, you’d need to learn about incorporating text-to-speech software as well as general coding expertise. There’s no shortcut — you’ll have to learn how to program effectively from scratch or hire someone to do it for you. This can mean ~2-3 years of intense study and practice and another year for building this specific project, assuming you’re also working a regular job.

Have you explored whether Sable, currently either in public alpha or recently taken out of it, might do what you want

I can’t comment as to your decision to use C++ as I am not a professional coder, but I can say that I’ve designed interactive voice-only games for Google Home and Alexa that a sight-impaired or blind person can play with perfect ease.

It’s a lot easier to create with those platforms than coding a game from the ground up with a language like C++. I should add here that the SSML markup language used in Google and Alexa allow you to create a rich sound environment (not just synthetic computer voices) as well.


Hey Guys,
Sorry it’s been a couple of weeks.
Thanks for letting me know that there was a public alpha for Sable, however it was only for last month so I can’t check it out. But I have watched the videos about it on youtube, so I know what you can do with it as far as they’ve shown you.
to anser your question though yes sable is a similar tool I could use to make Audio RPG Games.
Funny thing is, is from what they have shown with the youtube videos online, I was thinking when Sable comes out maybe I could make a blind Persona like series of games.
I might go in to games for the smartspeakers at some point, but for the time being I’d like to design audio games for computer or console/mobile devices.
If anyone can think of or help me find somebody who knows how you could code audio games,
I would still apprecate it.

Ask on the forum

Hello Adam, I studied audio description for people who cannot see, we cannot make something I think. I’m a professional Writer, native language Spanish also I studying some courses to be game designer and next go to the university in USA. Here is my email if you want to contact me.
Many regards.
See you