Good iOS IF game with music/sounds if possible?

Hi all,

I was introduced to CHoiceOf games a while back but I saw the forum and decided to come in here.

Does anyone know a good text based game, other than Star Breed that has music and sounds and all that cool stuff? Star Breed is good although being blind the battles and mini games for hacking aren’t accessible to me.

Is surviving High School and Cause of Death text as well? I tried downloading Cause of Death free and VoiceOver just says button button and I finally clicked the button to start the game and the music changed.

However once I got in there VoiceOver didn’t read the they on-screen so I can find out who I was and what was going on.

Since I don’t think I’ll have any chance of contacting these people to make it accessible for us blind iOS users, anyone know a good text game with all the cool stuff it has like weekly downloadable episodes etc? That’s what I like about this game. Wonder how to get in contact with the people who make them.

Yea, i love text based games as well, if anyone knows any please say. I remember the good days when almost all games were texted based.

You might already know this game, but its called alterego. Some french guy posted a discussion about it.

I love text based games as well.