Any suggestions for more game titles in the app store?


Hello forum!

I’ve recently joined and would like to know if you guys have any other game titles from the app store for the iPhone that are similar to the Choice Of games or Surviving high school where they are a sort of textual RPG. You are a character in a world however, you do not have an avatar in which you can move them, a little to the left, or a little to the right with controls. Instead you control your avatar via multiple choice questions. Do you guys have any more suggestions for game titles other than Surviving High School, Cause of Death, and the Choice Of games?


Search the iPhone store for “choose adventure,” “interactive fiction,” “visual novel,” and “gamebook.”

I can personally recommend the Gamebook Adventure series by Tin Man Games. There are six books in the series, all original (not republished from old books), have combat, etc.

The King of Dragon Pass is supposed to be a very involved classic based on decisions managing your clan, but with graphics like Survive High School. I bought it, but it won’t run on my old iPhone, so I’m stuck until I buy a new one. It’s a bit pricey, and has a learning curve, but worth it by all accounts.

Fabled Lands is another classic updated with graphics and music. The world is huge, and allows you to travel anywhere, do almost anything, become a trader or build a ship, etc.

Alter Ego is a classic game where you make decisions though your character’s whole life, set in modern times, from cradle to grave.

Also, Frotz will allow you to play almost any interactive fiction game, like Zork or more modern ones. The app is paid, but the games are free. You type in commands, like GO NORTH or UNLOCK DOOR or ASK GEORGE ABOUT SHRUNKEN HEAD.


Just curious, can you play Fabled Lands online somewhere?


You can play Fabled Lands on Windows, completely legally.
There’s also a PDF version out there.


Thank you Horace.


Sorry to revive an old thread, but I wanted to thank HoraceTorys. I’ve taken a liking to Gamebook Adventures on my phone :slight_smile:
Thanks for the suggestion. If I finish it, I might have a look at Fighting Fantasy too, apparently also very good.


Fighting Fantasy books were originally written in the 80’s-90’s. They were fantastic and I have a collection of them somewhere hidden away at my parents house. One of the authors of those books, Ian Livingstone, is on twitter and he is writing a new book to mark the 25th (? or 30th… I forget) anniversary of the first book.


Interesting, still only partway through Gamebook Adventure 1 though, so lots of time left before I reach the Fighting Fantasy books :slight_smile:


@HoraceTorys… I have the Alter Ego app. It’s a copy of a really old DOS abandonware game from the late 80s. So, if anyone has that on their computers, don’t put it on your iphone cause it’s the same thing.


There app out base fableld ands one the most ambious gamebooks it shame it not finish.