Error spotting help?

Hi, guys.

I’m working on a short game, because even though I have loads of ideas for a really long, complicated one, I felt a bit daunted by it, so I thought I should try something simple first. I think it’s mostly going well, but I still have a bit of a problem.

Basically, I’m blind, and so, need to use a screenreader on my laptop. I’m using firefox for testing the game, because internet explorer doesn’t seem to work (I have checked the scripting settings and all that stuff). Firefox itself isn’t a problem, but I can’t get my screenreader to read the error alerts. As you can probably imagine, this makes bugfixing quite difficult.

My question is, would any of you be willing to give it a play through and post any errors you get? Here’s the link in case anyone wants to help.

I know there are also spelling errors, but I’m going to fix all that when it’s finished because it’ll be easier to use my braillenote. Don’t expect much from the plot, the whole point of this project was for me to make a game that my imagination couldn’t expand on too much.

Thanks for any help.

“Was it a boy/girl”
Should perhaps be “It was a boy/girl” instead.

“The king and queen where”

404 error when choosing the celebration of the birth… And to be honest, I don’t see why I got to make that choice. It didn’t seem pertinent.

yes celebration ends in 404 error

Thanks, there actually isn’t anything after the celebration yet, but it seems to get cut off half way. I was hoping the error would give a bit more information about the reason. Hopefully it’ll be easier to proof read on my braillenote and I’ll be able to fix the problem.

Thanks for pointing those out to me. This is what happens when I do all my writing at 1 AM. It’s too bad that’s when I feel more compelled to write.

The celebration choice is there for a reason, it’s just that I’m writing one branche at a time so you can only really choose the family celebration at the moment. I will get rid of the second choice for a small celebration, though, because I can’t remember why I added it in the first place. Like I said, the plot is really as uninspiring as I could bear to write.

All things considered, I’m surprised those were the only problems.


I think it’s a promising start to the game :slight_smile:

Really? Thanks.