Blind and Visually Impaired Users: Troubleshooting VO on iOS

Hi guys,

I have a report of V.O. on iOS 9 not reading choices (ie the options/radio buttons.)

My first impulse is to ask the user to update to the latest version of iOS but I thought I’d throw this out in case ya’ll have some insight. I can’t repro this on my own phone which is running the latest version of iOS. Thoughts, help, etc??

I’ll put a question to my sister who works in Apple’s phone support division. I’ll see if she can shed some light on this or recommend resources… have you called Apple support? There should be support open today.

Ya, I put the question to my sister and she said best thing to do would be to call: 1-800-My-Apple (which is Apple Care) so they can go through each step of diagnosis - sometimes an update will cause these issues and sometimes it is just resolved by re-installing the app in question.

Since there is so many different things to check it is best to call them directly so they can go through each step of diagnosis individually.

I mean…I can suggest it to the user. I’m not visually impaired or blind myself, and I don’t have his device (a 5s) in front of me, so there’s nothing for me to work on or troubleshoot. I was more curious if any users here are

  1. Still on iOS 9? If so, are the reported VO bugs in 10 (or rather 10.1) really bad?
  2. VO in 10 works fine on my 6, so… :shrug:?