From Ashes We Rise - Discussion Thread


EDIT: Nothing said, we will return to the original forum ^^ Up up and away, guys!

Alright guys ~
Here is the discussion thread I talked about.

Here you can talk about everything your heart desires about the WIP game From Ashes We Rise.
If you are not familiar with FAWR, I would suggest to visit the main thread and/or play the demo that is linked in the first post.

Well then, have fun!
And please leave Troy alive :smiley:

From Ashes We Rise [FAWR / WIP] Upd. 30. Oct

Ohh ill leave him alive alright…alive enough to still feel pain :imp:


This is gonna get so polluted, mods are gonna faint.


Down with Troy! Let’s leave flaming poop on his doorstep!


Be nice or I will hide Troy!


Good thing I have this… opens a crate full of Troy voodoo dolls


(20 chars 4 lyfe)


I hope we have a three choice of one killing troy the other make him in pain and the other leavening him alive


@Talkingtaco we have a thread to ‘discuss’ about characters like Troy :imp:


@Nathan_Faxon You don’t have anything better to do by any chance? Like, trying to compile a certain something, or learning how to code? hint hint

This whole thing is starting to get a bit annoying.


You know something’s wrong when the volunteer’s advising the boss.


Sry @Cecilia_Rosewood I was the one who brought this whole thing back up again.


Oh yeah… looks all sheepish

Well better get that done and write as much as possible as well as learn to code before I go back to work tomorrow

starts yelling at fossil laptop

@UmbraLamia when the volunteer helps the boss code and teaches you to do it yourself at the same time, it’s advised to listen. :smile:


Be glad I’m only mildly annoyed :wink:

I’m not this polite when someone actually manages to get me angry :space_invader: (seriously, what happened to the emoticons?)


takes keys out of car


Explain? please? i’m lost.


What… Is that? Looks like Freeza’s offspring.


A space invader, apparently. (Seriously, no clue. The ones from my memories were a lot more… pixelated.)

[quote=“UmbraLamia, post:16, topic:14079, full:true”]
Explain? please? i’m lost.
[/quote]Uhm, that I’m helping @Nathan_Faxon code his game? Otherwise I haven’t got a clue what you could be lost about.


No, I meant @RyseAbove, lol


I guess he was about to flee the country or something…