Freak: Amidst the Neon Lights WIP and playtest.... last update July 4th 2019

It was really fun to play, the characters were cool, the MC feel really powerfull and has an interesting origin and i also like how he react in general

can’t wait to see where it goes now


So, in short, First is a Saiyan

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There are limits. It’s a balance between absorption and consumption. Their limit is when their body uses more than it can produce or absorb.


Bane of all All you can eat restaurants…
first month my mc’s picture would be at all the surviving restaurants entrances as deny service eats to much.


All I had to do was read the first two paragraphs. I fucking love your idea, and im buying it as soon as it comes out of wip.


Snoe I have a question. How many chapters do you currently plan a making? Only answer if you want to.

No plans.
I just go with it until it feels right.



I’m wondering (maybe it was asked before but it’s 5K post thread so it will be hard to search) what cause the whole thing that make First unable to swim ?

I think it was their weight. :neutral_face: They’re just to heavy to swim for very long. I could be wrong but I don’t believe I am. Eyyyy, found it:

Third down…that posted weird, but still.


Thanks for finding that ^^


Going through this story again and looking at some articles about genetic editing makes me worry that some parts of your story may actually come true.


I will never not love this game!


you know…I noticed alot of peoples asking different questions about fist body and power , resistance…weakness and such . And forgive me if this has been asked before (yes doing the demo again…can’t be helped! its sooo good XD)…ahem…anyway . But where does Fist capacity to learn fast…or read fast come from ? and do others have it too ?

Their ability is human capacity supercharged by feeding off of ambient and directed energy to supplement and improve commonly used functions.

People get smarter and stronger as they study. First adapts at a much faster rate. The human brain uses electrical impulses for everything but Firsts entire body metabolizes ALL forms of energy. Physical (strikes motion gravity) light, heat, chemical (food etc…)

Essentially they have more fuel to draw on in order to build and maintain a much bigger engine.


are you saying…she could learn everything fast ? like martial art…engineering…anything ?


Memorise yes
But muscle memory comes into place. So sparring and practicing but to grow one has to push limits and First has s high bar to reach


humm…she is a sharingan in the making :smiley: Thanx !

I’m still saying First is a saiyan, just need to add a tail and the ability to change hair color

doesnt fly lol…isn’t blond (thanx god)…and is smarter lol