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That’s a potential idea! I like it!

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Don’t worry still working on it :slight_smile:


Can we have a more indept personality options eventually.

Hey @Snoe I just playing the demo again and was wondering if besides water and inexperience if First has any major weakness’. I was thinking psychics but I wanted to be sure



Are First’s memories blocked?

Why do you ask? From what I’ve seen, First was a lab rat experiment for the majority of their life and I don’t think there were any implication that First has any blocked memories.


In essence First is a Darwin in every sense of the term. Their ability to use various forms of energy also powers the human ability to adapt to their environment only much quicker than normal people. Like how when a person develops resistances to drugs or how when broken bones heal they harden at the point of breaking.

First can get better at absorbing different energy. Become stronger faster, develop resistances to poisons and disease.
So essentially Firsts weakness’s are simply things they haven’t had a chance to come into contact with or have enough power behind them to outpace their ability to absorb and their inhuman durability (developed through years if tests in the lab)

No memory block.


Speaking of First’s absorb ability, is it like a permanent boost to strength and such or is it a temporary thing once First absorbs the kinetic energy and uses it?

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I wonder how does first look like, Because from what I’ve read he/her must be attractive as hell. Does he/she look human with a abnormal skin?

Interesting so the more exposure to a specific source of damage or attack the greater the resistance. So First could conceivably become almost immune to both Physical and Mental forms of attacks. A follow up question would be if First has enhanced learning abilities to go with their enhanced adaptability especially as it seems like they could use their rapid adaptability to quickly enhance their own learning of various skills or languages


I think First looks like an ordinary human but with white hair the the glowing eyes… I might be wrong.

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You can change your hair color later though. But yeah at first it’s white. But all Darwin’s pretty much has glowing eyes.


I would also think Firsts lack of social interaction would be a weakness.
In cases where it comes to arguments or social receptions, heck even interacting with the media.

What First might think is norm, maybe taboo or looked down upon in society
I would love it if my MC took an analogy like apples to oranges or why the long face, literally.


This is a two way answer.
First gets an adrenaline rush like boost after taking an attack that come close to or above their ability to absorb it giving them a boost in all abilities the obstacle course showcased this to an extent. Taking so much in and using it to fuel their brains processing speed and their bodies reaction time and if enough is left amplifies raw power.

That said Firsts baseline strength is a slow build as they push themselves physically. Kinda like working out but Firsts ability to consume ambient and directed energy fuels this growth exponentially compared to human flesh and bone limits. Firsts body adapts to carry the weight or move faster or have finer control over time.


un-lurks for two seconds
I feel this has probably been answered before, but when you choose at the end if you go with Silic or stay, is that the last you see of those you don’t stay with for a while? I don’t imagine Vyde and Co would go ‘rescue’ First or anything,
having their own stuff to worry about. And Silic and Co also probably have things to do.

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That would be telling :stuck_out_tongue:


D: Idk how to choose then.
I really love everything about Vyde and Em and everyone, buuut I feel like First would probably want to see Lydia above all else.
Decisions, decisions.


hmm what about rapid changes in pressure?
say going into a building and it sealing and beginning a rapid depressurization process followed by pressurization.
of course that might also mean a lack of oxygen in some cases

Pressure is a from of force so there’s that. Lack of would probably cause suffocation. Something First can only delay

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so then he could get the bends and space sickness?
Edit: i think that might count as Internal Pressure…hmm