Fox of Sunholt (WIP)




Anon just suggested TOG to Smod. @smod I know that the art looks really crappy at the beginning but please keep on reading because it will improve drastically.


So whoever brought this up to Smod tysm Ily can we be best friends?

Nah It’s okay our friendship goes beyond simple pet peeves



Also, idk what Mars is complaining about, 5’9" isn’t anything to sniff at. I mean…it’s tall enough that my MC would probably need to get on her tippy-toes to kiss him. :heart_eyes_cat: :heart:


Very good question! I’m hoping to see addies reaction to that bath scene :joy:


Adelaide — 5’3", looks like she’ll go well with my MC ( I head-cannoned him as the same height as me) who’s 6’2"



To save some time for people who like me only sees feet playing CoG, I’ll leave here their height in centimeters :blush: I don’t think this is spoiler but if you guys think I should blurry it, just say the word.

Sid — 6’2" = 187.9 cm
Faith — 6’ = 182.8 cm (omg she’s tall <3)
Yoon — 5’10" = 177.8 cm
Camille — 5’9" = 175.2 cm
Mars — 5’9" (though slightly shorter than Camille) = if Smod said he’s slightly shorter than Camile then let’s say he’s just 175 cm or 174 cm.
Adelaide — 5’3" = 160.2 cm (I’m around that too… I feel ofended with people saying she’s short, she’s not THAT short ;-; )
…All according Google, of course. I have no idea about feets lol.

Well, personally I’d rather the game not be splitted. I was all hyped for the last Heroes Rise game and in the end I couldn’t enjoy it at the most because I forgot plenty things of the game, even having a recap. So unless the game ends being, I don’t know, 1,200,000 words (and I’d still prefer it to be released in only 1 game even if it took more time) I don’t really think it’s a good idea to split it unless both games are released in about the same time. Just a player opinion though, of course :yum: do what you think it’s better for you.


I have just spent the last 15 mins scrolling through the last 300 posts and my mind is full of RO turf wars, jenga and hilarious cat gifs. I feel enlightened.

I don’t want to spark another war but I’m personally on Team Camille :+1:t2:


I actually had to google what my height was in feet.
I speak centimeters, not inches or feet.

But seriously though, thank you :laughing:



You truly possess the wisdom elves are known for.


I just want to say thank you, because I can’t access Tumblr, my country blocked it :sob:

Exactly, average height of people here is shorter than her so…


You, me and the whole world except for USA (and maybe a couple more?) as far as I know, mate :laughing: that’s why I felt the obligation to save you all from having to google it.

Me right now



You’re the person who went on a liking-spree on all of my posts. I appreciate the love buddy.



I would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for those meddiling cat gifs

I have used up all my likes in under 15 mins :man_shrugging:

implodes with cuteness


I HAVE FAILED MY METRIC SYSTEM USING FRIENDS. as a Canadian though, I have to say I really hate that we never say our heights in cm. But have to list it in cm for government documents. The American influence is too strong. I’ll add those conversions to the Tumblr post! Thank you for going through the trouble!

I 100% DON’T want to split the game. I was speaking hypothetically in case the length is too crazy or anything like that. I too am extremely forgetful.

Yesss I love tippy toe kisses. He’s just grumpy that everyone else is taller than him, because even though he is tall on his own, people are always taller than him (all the other knights are giants too).

Camille > Sid > Adelaide > Mars

Hopefully Sid, Adelaide and Mars will be done by next update time! So it won’t really matter lol I just couldn’t get them done now because I was drawing Shirtless Mars.

I have a bunch of personal playlists that help get me into the mood to write certain characters. I ended up doing Camille first because I was listening to a song that really reminded me of her

Edit: also I like your pitch, ill have to toss it in the game somewhere for sure


@ElvesForTheWin you’re the one who went on a liking spree of all my posts, your love is appreciated
We may not agree on which waifu is the best, but we can agree on one thing


Wait wait, lemme fix something here:

Haha sorry, you misspelled something and I had to fix it :blush:


Huh, I never realised 175 cm is actually considered tall, I’m 188 cm tall myself but always thought that I was short compared to my brother ( who is a whopping 193 cm tall)


Thanks dude! Really though I was holding my sides in laughter at the jenga discussions and waifu war. But anyways :

Fae - sorry to contradict you but those “misspellings” seemed pretty accurate to me. :man_shrugging:





Well that’s a new name lol

That’s tall dude, that’s tall.

Meanwhile I’m 155 cm


Well, my brother is 193 cm tall, and he took every opportunity to brag about it in my face, it made me feel really short