Fox of Sunholt (WIP)




You are a Fey-Fox, people that can take the shape of a fox. There are several other names for what you are–kitsune, huxian, kumiho–but they mean the same thing. To the humans, it means you are a monster.

To the princess of Sunholt, however, it means you can help her defend her small kingdom.


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  1. (adelaide’s post-camp scene)


Hey! This is my first story! I’ve read CoG and HG games for a while now, but finally decided to man-up and write one. I’m a romantic at heart, and I’ve been writing romance even since I was a child. So, the kick about the Fox of Sunholt is that it focuses on the romance. It is inherently a story about romance more than anything else (not that the story itself isn’t important), which I want to try tackling in this format. I think it’ll be an interesting challenge! So, uh, apologies to anyone that likes their choice games romance-free…since you kinda gotta smooch someone for this.

I’ve had this idea for a while, in which you dont really play as the main hero but as someone in the main hero’s party. There are a couple of things that I’m still working out, mostly mechanic-wise. So feedback is much appreciated and suggestions are welcome! I’m aiming for this to be a feel-good story. Trying to make it simple so I can be confident I’ll get it done and learn from it to make better stuff.

  • can pick the gender of the MC (male, female, non-binary)
  • there are male and female ROs and you can romance them with any gender MC (6 in total; 3 male, 3 female)

6Main Character. Homeless fey-fox, sleeps in trees.

1 Adelaide. Princess, always has something nice to say.

2Camille. Royal sorceress, never has anything nice to say.

3 Faith. Flirtatious dancer by day, thief by night.

4 Sid. Friendly captain, loves fighting more than he should.

5 Mars. Grumpy knight, stops to pet cats.

7 Yoon. Another fey-fox, never stops smiling.

let me know what you think, if you want to hear more about the story, have any advice, wanna send me pics of cats, you know,

(2017/09/28) – Chapter 1 finished and uploaded
(2018/03/27) – large update released

Any recommended WIP interactive novels?
Need help finding a game :sweat_smile:
What is the most interesting WIP? (For you)

I love the idea, and your style is great. Easy to read and poignant at the same time.


Short but interesting.
Looking forward to Camille, the most likely candidate for best girl.


Looking forward to this. Very interesting concept :+1::+1:


Interesting premise, I’m hooking into this book.


First of all, dammmmn those are fancy pictures! XD :laughing: I love your idea, and I’ll be tracking this WiP. :slight_smile:


I want play a kitsune since a long time. Can’t wait more updates :grinning:


This looks interesting, I love foxes! Looking forward to meeting the other characters.


Camille sounds interesting look forward to encountering her also you were right it was short didn’t even get to the name your character part :smirk:


This seems like a cool idea. (And your pictures are making me jealous. Where’d you get them?)

Just thought I’d point out, no idea if it’s a bug or intentional, but in the relationship tab in the stats screen, the Romance v Friendship stats say things like AFriendship/ARomance for Adelaide. Not sure if that was intentional, but that just sounds like what I would name the variable, not the stat itself, so I thought I’d point it out. (If that even made sense… I’m bad at being specific. And helping.)


I really like this, and this is kind of random but I love the names you chose for the main characters.

I’m interested in learning more about the MC and the little sprite that follows her around. Looking forward to seeing more of this :sunny:


I love this already! Looking forward to more!


So far, I’m liking it! (And our little companion!)


Looking forward too see more of this, I like our little friend


me, too, stop to pet cats.


I’ve been waiting for this my entire life! I I’ve everything about Kitsunes!


alksjldakjd thank you all so much for your interest!!! it means a lot to me !!! not to get sappy or anything but as a child i always wanted to be a writer but was told it “wasnt a real job” so i never pursued it. so, uh, it makes me really happy to see people appreciating this sorry just wanted to say thank you! I’ll tone down the sap

@Ramar_Blood lol yes i didnt even want to put it up but i figured something was better than nothing at all

@ExcaliburV Yes thank you for pointing that out! I fixed it :’) and the pictures are just from around the internet, i edited them and added text ! glad you like them

MINOR UPDATE– I wrote a little more and dropped the friendship/romance meter. I didn’t like that it somehow implied that you can’t both be friends and lovers with someone. instead there’s two bars, one for friendship (which is just how much a character likes you) and another for romance. I’ll write more tonight, and update again then. Hope you’re all having a good day!


Man, I got really into it right when it ended :pouting_cat: Looking forward to more! I really love your idea and I admit, I kinda always end up playing most of these types of games for the romance lol.

Good luck! I’ll be cheering for you, quietly, from the shadows over yonder. Cause I am not very good at making public posts :upside_down_face: Public posting is like public speaking, stressful.


Sign me the fuck up NOW!!!


Princess: (Stares at fox) "SO CUTE!"