Fox of Sunholt (WIP)



Then grow some, shorty! :tongue:


I can’t. My growing spurt never came


Dang, that’s like. Short. I’m trying to conjure a mental picture here because my shortest friend is 161cm (5.2), meanwhile I’m 176cm (5,7). Not to say that being short doesn’t have it’s advantages. You guys never have to know the pain of walking into a doorframe.

The discussion in this thread is hilarious lol, but anyways- the demo is so cute <:

*whispers I think I’m team Mars.

Edit: Camille is interesting tho.




I approve of your choice


Mean while at Yoon’s Team

I need more follower’s for my shady-dark lord ;-;


The Camille team has comfortable numbers and plenty of Star Wars memes to defend our territory :laughing:


But team Mars got cat memes. We’ll scratch back :cat:

Bildresultat för cat clawing gif


To be fair, Yoon and the MC had a kind of rocky first meeting. But hey, maybe future updates will change what people think of him :slight_smile:


you just never know…


oh I’m sure I will die of…laughter xD and cuteness over dose



You’ve got good taste


I see we both know our poison


Awww, forget the cats, this pic right here is the trump card :two_hearts:


cough i wouldn’t mind if you got distracted doing this more often cough

[fist pump!]

Yes! My ship of MCxTrash is one step closer to being canon!!! :smiley:

[laughs nervously in American]

i have no idea what any of this means




Mars is pretty embarrassed he got himself into any sort of situation in the first place…but as a knight, he’s accepted the idea that he might just be expendable. He doesn’t hope for anyone to help him, and for the first time in his life since childhood, he prays. He prays that his friends will be okay, that the MC will be happy and that they will somehow know the breadth of his care for them. He thinks he dreams the MC coming for him, and he goes along with it. Maybe it’s what you see before you die…he doesn’t know. In his mind, the MC is an angel coming to take him and he’s okay with that…

Until the MC gets hurt, and Mars snaps out of his daze. He might be injured himself, but fueled by pure adreneline he carries the MC to safety, not stopping for a single second. He shields the MC will his body, and won’t listen to a single word anyone says until he knows for certain that the MC is okay.

He was just about ready to die, but at the same time he learns that he can’t go. He needs to be able to make sure the MC is okay, is happy.

He leans to live for them….and plans the most eleborate vacation for them as both a thank-you and a please-don’t-get-hurt-again.

i must protect my precious husbando at all costs


@Fay, why you must you be asleep when all this wonderful Mars content is coming out??? :sob:


That armor reminds me of another blushing/fumbling mess of a swordsman



casually throws myself into the Team Yoon ring I mean, I initially really liked Sid first (and still do), but gods do I love a ~mystery~ boy.


So long as we’re making DA comparisons… Camille reminds me a lot of Morrigan.

However, i think the biggest thing we can learn from this comparison is that Mars needs to lose a game of strip poker :thinking:


And that he will let us win at chess, as long as we don’t cheat.