Fox of Sunholt (WIP)



Thought up a thing.

MC: Hey, Addy you awake?
Adelaide: …
Adelaide: …
MC: … pokes Adelaide hard in the side
Adelaide: …wha-…yawns what’s wrong, MC?
MC: N-nothing, just uh…I…really like you.
Adelaide: …? Oh…I really like you too.
MC: grins awesome. rolls over and goes back to sleep
Adelaide: …looks down at the wedding ring on her finger before glancing at the MC in confusion


evil grin Im sure we can arrange something :smiling_imp:


For those who are too lazy like me,
175 cm = 5’9"
188 cm = 6’2"
193 cm = 6’3"


I hate timezones but I love Mars’ abs.

Actual footage of me trying to flirt with Mars:




Let me quote:

Mars is the “what is this, I am confusion” dad. “What is the chat of the snaps”

Chat of the snaps. Oh god, Mars you old man.



Mars is the “what is this, I am confusion” dad. “What is the chat of the snaps”

Mars: why is this cat snapping ?


My opinion of Adelaide


Help fay kidnapped me!!! I am the white cat and she’s forcing me to do so much.


Is it really a bad thing to have been kidnapped by Fay? I’m sure you will learn to enjoy it lol.


Two words she won’t let me SLEEP all day


Demand sleep or threaten Fay saying you will stop looking like a cute cat.


Oof guys don’t get off-topic now or take it to PMs

Besides if I actually kidnapped cats at least I would know how to party and give my feline friends catnip



I think you are asking impossible things here Fay.


my contribution to any fandom ever is to post 1-2 pieces of fanart and then nothing else again
so -will smith pose- here’s my MC again


(20 char)


Only 3 days till the next update! Woo-woo




In anticipation of the next update, I just couldn’t resist doing some more fanart in the meantime :grin: Hope you enjoy them. Adelaide, Yoon and my mc.


can we see it :smirk: