Fox of Sunholt (WIP)



Is the update for the demo or a side story?


Hehehehe, cute. :relaxed:


Oh Camille. The more you push me away the more I want to crack that hard shell of yours and discover what’s hidden beneath! :heart_eyes:

Very nice update! I can’t wait to see Addies path :blush:


Camille looks cute when she fumbles, flustered and thinks of speaking something snarky to discourage my flirting :heartbeat:


So much for subtly, you think. “So, that spirit is yours?”


Sid frowns, his the corners of his lips twisting down a little more than any natural frown—for comedic effect, you guess.

remove that ‘his’

You turn your head an squint at her.


You reach a small clearing where the moonlight that streams in through the foliage glows and odd purple


“You should call me that more often,” you look at her from over your shoulder, you voice dripping with suggestion.



Aww the lake scene! Didn’t I mentioned this a little while back about mc bathing in the lake? :joy:


How I imagine Adelaide at the fight scene in the cave


Is there a special condition for the mars and addie scene, after the meeting with the uncle or is it not done yet?


It’s not done yet, just Camille for now.


Welp , I just finished the new demo and now Camille is my second favorite RO because


Do you think this game will be released by the end of this year or will it be longer like next year or the year after? I’m really exited to play the whole game, it looks like loads of fun!


GUYS!!! I bring news from Tumblr!!!


Awwww, Addy. :heart:


@Chopper Most user-made games of this size and scope take a minimum of one year to make, more likely 2-3, altogether.
That said, since only one person is working on it, if there is a major life-event (as there was last year for this game) then production could be brought to a halt as no new content is being made.

We’re lucky enough that smod is still passionate about this story after all this time, because many WIPs don’t survive a hiatus of that length.

But life still happens, and it’s best not to put a timetable that can be easily broken, so it’s best if we all remain patient and without expectations.

After all, what makes this game special isn’t how quickly smod updates, but the care and love that they have for their characters and story, and even if the game takes five, ten, even fifteen years, that passion will still shine through! So I’d ask that you remain patient and enjoy what we have now. :slight_smile:


This sketch is kinda lame because I haven’t drawn in weeks but I doodled a lil Yoon, or at least how I imagined him off of the top of my head :slightly_smiling_face: Yoon is the best boy, I love me some ~mystery~ :smirk:


Yes you are correct. I will patiently wait because if this game was rushed it would make a great game bad, so it’s ok I will be here waiting when it releases! :smile::smile::grin:


@Nidokingler thank you for spotting that!

@AmericanShakespeare thank you for spotting all those mistakes! If I had money I would pay you for all your good work but for now all I have are my deepest thanks

@cottoncandy good idea! I’m adding that to my revision notes!

@Vanessa_Pang you did :’) you predicted my plot points. There’s a lot of bathing in this game and IDK why I just really need to know that these people are cleaning themselves

@impeccably-stressed thank you! You worded that far better than I could have.

I did some math and if I wanted to finish the game this year I’d have to write something like 3,000 words a day. And even then, I’d only have the first draft finished. I’d still need to go back and revise, rewrite, edit. Then there’s the beta…which I will take the feedback from and revise, rewrite and edit the game all over again.

As much as I wish I could get it done quickly, I just can’t :frowning:

I’ve done NaNoWriMo (which is 50,000 words in one month) for several years now. I’ve written 100,000 novels before too…none of them were very good though lol but writing a game like this isn’t out of my realm of possibility at least!

I predict the game to be over 600,000 words. I’ll have to see as I write if splitting it into two books would be a better idea.

ITS BEAUTIFUL WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT. I love it. You have captured his ~mysterious~ quality so well. I need to staple this art to my heart as well

And last note: I was supposed to update the demo today but I had a garbage fiasco (there was a bad wind storm and I lost my garbage can and there was a fight in the streets…over garbage cans…it was wild) and then I called the city about my garbage can and some lady gave me whatever the phone call equivalent of the stink-eye is…the stink-voice?

Well, it’ll be up later today! Hope you’re all well :slight_smile:

Edit: I say novels but they were really fanfiction…I can’t lie like this…it will haunt me


Hey! Wild idea, bad pitch, can we have a scene where the MC jumps out a window and into garbage cans? The idea just makes me laugh-snort, lol

Legitimate question though, what’s your current goal for the upcoming scenes? Is it:


or is it

Camille>idk>stop asking>when i feel like it>etc

Basically, I’m asking if you have a plan on how you’re going to be updating these very valuable, very necessary, very bath-filled scenes, lol.


Someone who asks the important questions!


Mars really hates that everyone is taller than him

But why is this so relateable? I’m 5’1 aNd iT hUrTs me mentally when people use me as an ArMrEsT.



:eyes: :sweat_drops: I do that to my shorter friends…IT’s jUST sO cONVENIENT FOrgIVE ME