Fox of Sunholt (WIP)



Everyone is fawning over Adelaide as well


Everyone’s fawning over everyone, tbh, it just depends on who @smod has drawn recently, lol


Obviously the only way to solve this is to have all of them drawn so that they can all be fawned over equally

But that would delay the story.
But if we delay the story we get more hot drawings.
I’m so conflicted.


Well, now that it ISN’T off topics :stuck_out_tongue: let me return to that jenga conversation real quick: as I said, I learned this game by reading a manhwa, and I just remembered something: they don’t play a regular jenga. The pieces have questions or actions they must answer or do if they’re successful removing them. I thought it’d be interesting to leave it here because I guess few games would be nicer than jenga :smirk: unless the King’s Game or Twister exist in Sunholt world lololol


Both are good ideas! For now I will finish FOS but afterwards…who knows

That’s also in my revision notes! It’s a very good idea and it makes a lot of sense. 100% will be in both the beta version and the release version of the game—as the WIP demo is the early alpha of the game.

…as the supreme author, I will both the King’s Game and Twister into existence. There is a couple of bonding scenes where you play games with the crew, so I think it’ll be neat to add the option to pick which game you want to play. Initially, it was strip poker which really just had Sid stripping and Mars putting on more layers as Camille blatantly cheats with a hand of seven aces. (and very unrelated but if you happen to remember what manhwa it was I’d love to know because I feel like I may have read it too?)

Since I drew instead of writing, today’s update will be just Camille’s scenes :frowning: FOS will be updated before 11PM EST today, I’ll post the announcement on tumblr and update the title of the thread here.

I can crank out weekly updates, every tuesday, at the very least from now on.

hope y’all having a great day <3


:heart: Yay for Camile~! :heart:

:heart: Yay for updates~! :heart:


It’s a web yuri manhwa, called Tamen de Gushi :blush: I like it quite a lot and if you like it, I do believe it’ll be a great inspiration for the game, as Qiu Tong reminds me greatly of Addy and it’s funny.


I literally just got back from reading the latest chapter of that, it’s a great read if anyone here hasn’t
here’s a link to the twitter for it, if anyone’s interested

this is all I ever wanted :slight_smile:


I’m torn between Mars and Yoon the most but I also love the other characters. They all have their own charms :heart_eyes:


In anticipation for the update tonight as well as renewed inspiration from all these fake VN screenshots, meet my MC Shay! She’s kinda wistful and sad. Mostly wistful though. Or should I say wispful with our little fiery friend? :)))

Some day, we won’t be homeless.


this is the best thing i’ve ever seen in my life thanks
i love it
im stapling it to my heart brb


let me call 911 for both of us cause I’m stapling this comment to my heart <3


Love this story!! Very intriguing, I can’t wait for the next update!


Is it just me or is the Adelaide/mars option during the drinking scene grayed out?


I was male

No I don’t," you run over to your clothes, “women bathe together all the time, there’s nothing wrong with it.” “You’re a stranger.”

You shift into your more-human form, bringing your cloak to your chest to cover your breasts.


I’m a hopeless romantic, so there’s no complaining on my part.


hmm it worked fine when I tested it. I edited the script though, so you shouldn’t see that scene. The bathing scene is exclusive for female MCs. The male and nb MC scene will be added tomorrow.

and yes, the options not currently available are greyed out. the next update will have them but for now it’s just Camille’s scenes


I’m pretty sure me is supposed to be mean


I love this wip and can’t wait to see more of it


How about a relationship meter for our spirit friend? :slight_smile:
(It would only be a friendship meter obvi