Foundation of Nightmares Help/Guide?

I used the search, and couldn’t find much threads regarding the Demon Hunter trilogy by Samuel Young so I hope this topic is permitted.:sweat_smile:

Anyways, I’m having trouble in the third volume getting past certain dialogue options.
I’m trying to romance the character Falcon(and there’s an achievement for it so I know it’s possible), but I can’t keep her from getting arrested by Gertrude even when I try to convince her to let Falcon join me.

Am I missing something? Is my charisma stat too low? Did I make a mistake in the previous volume?

When the option of convincing Gertrude to make Falcon comes along I get many greyed out responses except one that doesn’t end up helping me.


So…any advice for those that have played?:sweat_smile:

Charisma is currently sitting at 67% if that helps. And seems stuck there

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There are threads for each of the installments in the trilogy, but I think a guide thread should be fine, too.

This option requires 70 Charisma:

You really could use Falcon’s help, when you think about it. Giving the captain your most charming smile, you say, “Gertrude, Falcon may not have worded her request very convincingly, but I can explain to you why it’s best for everyone if you let her go.”

This one requires 70 Altruism:

Shaking your head, you reply, “Gertrude, Falcon is right, no matter how crazy it must seem to you. You have to put aside personal matters and maybe even bend the law in this situation. Without their help, I might not be able to complete my mission, and that would be devastating for all of us.”

And this one requires 70 Cunning:

The aid of Falcon and her bandits might mean the difference between a narrow victory and a crushing defeat. Thinking hard, you say carefully, “Captain Gertrude, we must consider all of the ramifications of our choices here. The one before you is to decide whether or not immediate revenge and a minor gain is more important than indefinite justice but the the safety of us all.”

It’s difficult but not impossible to pass these checks. If it ends up being too hard, though, I could always lower the requirements to, say, 65.

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Whew, for a second I was considering sending you a PM since this thread wasn’t getting a response.:sweat_smile:

Thank you so much replying, I think I should be able to get at least one of those stats up to 70. :thinking:Great game btw.:+1: Looking forward to the next installment.

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Thanks so much! Let me know how it goes.

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Hmm…67% seems to be the highest one can go in all those categories.:thinking:

I restarted from the first volume with the intention of getting 70 charisma and altruism, but 67 seems to be the threshold.

Ironically I got 72 charisma once in the beginning of the second volume by surrendering to the bandits, but that repeatedly led to me dying and having to start over.

Okay, thanks. I’ll look into it tonight and I’ll probably submit an update to CoG with more balanced stats.