Forgot WIP name

Never though I’d have to resort making topic, but I spent two hours looking for a WIP with no success. It was either done already or far into development because there was quite a lot to do. I think you could choose your race (it was kimda fantasy setting I think?), there were Day/Night elves I think (or Light/Dark, not quite sure) and they had their courts. You could apply to join one of them. One of the ROs (a banshee I think, she had long sharp teeth or somethink like that) joined in the Night one.

I vaguely remember one mission about werewolves, where a hunter was an RO I think. There was also a mission about a keep of sorts that you had to storm to destroy a chemical weapon IIRC. The keep’s defense leader was honorable and you could persuade her to destroy it together think (the guy behind it was crazy from what I remember and you could take him down together). There were also several ways to handle defenders (I think I remember the leader saying something about me betraying her).

I really enjoyed that WIP and I’ve no idea what happened to it. Any help is appreciated.

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Did you post on the topic? Checkout your previous posts if you did.

I didn’t sadly. Would’ve done what you suggested already if I did. It’s weird that I can’t find it because I’m quite sure it was fully written already (and it was few months ago at least) yet it has not released. Should be quite popular.

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Could the game have been ‘RATiO: The Seraphica’?

No. I played RATiO recently. The game I’m looking for was kinda medieval fantasy although I don’t remember the exact setting rules. You started as some university I think and after finishing you could apply for a job in various places (Elven courts being one of them).

Are you thinking of ‘Reflections’? I think that one’s been cancelled/locked though.


This is definitely it. I’m sad it never got published and is not accessible in any form anymore. I really enjoyed it. I played Choice of Deathless before it and never recognized the apparent similarity, but I guess it had to be there if he discusssed it with CoG staff.

Thank you for putting my mind at ease. It was nagging me for some time.

EDIT: Well, apparently the dropbox link quoted in the game’s thread (the author removed link from the main post) works and I can download the game and emulate it so not all’s lost.


yea, I miss reflections. it was a good story.


The most noticeable similarities were in the code.

On a side note, the author mentions his books in the main post. Anyone knows what’s his name or name of the books?

That makes sense. I looked into Reflections’ code back then, but never looked into Deathless’ code so I didn’t notice it.


I swear i typed his forum username and “books” in various variations, yet that site never came up. Must be google pushing irrelevant sites in Polish because I’m from Poland and I’ve no idea how to change priority to English on a phone (done it long ago already on PC). Thank you.

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Hm. Now that I played again and actually finished it I can definitely see where the Deathless similarities were coming from. The ending battle mechanic is pretty much a direct copy of the one in CoD, just like the verdict regarding your position and “hospital” scene potentially with your beloved. The student loan repayment is copied too.

That said I still think it was nicely written. The setting was fairly unique, lots of ways to play your character (loyal to death, concerned with morals and ethics etc.) and finishing missions. Potential character deaths is a nice touch as well imo.

The female ROs were all very nice and interesting. While I only romanced Blackwell though, I wish it had more, hm, romantic aspect to it as well? I’m not sure how other romances go, but Blackwell’s felt like 5 or so one night stands (across timespan of few years) then sudden declaration of love. It might be the case only with this one since the game says clearly how hard it is for you to meet (but really, even high ranking officers in all armies can get enough time to visit someone at least once in 5 damn years…), but then again not all the meetings have to be all about sex.

I don’t really know why I’m writing this since the game won’t be published anyway and the author isn’t here anymore, but I just felt like sharing my observations. I really reccomend everyone to go to the game’s thread and try the game out. It’s feature complete and only has some spelling errors. It’s definitely worth playing.


I think you might be after @Lycoris’ WiP One Thousand Blooms (or Blossoms?)

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Please use the What’s that game thread if you have any questions on WiP/game’s name you forgot.