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This thread is for asking people for help in identifying games and works-in-progress.

Can someone help me find this game? --Solved
Does someone know the name of the game?
Anyone Know The Game?
Help finding this game?

I remember playing a WIP, but I cant remember the name. Maybe someone knows what I’m talking about? Apologies if is the wrong category.
I remember playing as a child of a noble, MC Father calling them sweetpea, and the mother name being Petunia ( I’m not sure). I remember the mother hating MC, and there was a fight between mother and father?


I think this is the one: One Thousand Blooms — Updated August 13

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That the one! Thank you!

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Uhh hi! Before I begin, I wanna say that English is not my first language so be prepare to see many grammar errors and stuff :grinning: and it my first time creating a topic so I kinda dont know what category my topic should be so I put it in general

Anyway, I have read this one amazing wip last week and forgot to bookmark it :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: so now I’m on a hunt to find it so I hope you guys can help me with this.

The wip is about mc running away from their village after been accused to murder someone and met two ROs on the way to the port(?) who(in my playthrough) are Marokai(dont remember his name tbh but it start with letter ‘M’) and Sakaroi(? Again not sure sorry) and they save the mc and their mule(?) and pay for their ride.
Also the last chapter is about the siren attacking the boat and there girl helping them.
That’s all. Thank you!!

P.s Sorry to bother you guys in this fine day :sweat_smile: and also thank you for taking your time to open and read this topic of mine.


The name is “The soul stone war” A really awesome WIP


Thank you very much!!


Hi folks, so I’ve played a game a few months back, I think it was a WIP or maybe a demo… I don’t remember clearly. I quite liked it and wanted to look it up again but I can’t find it anywhere. It really bugs me that I didn’t remember the name or even how I’ve found it in the first place.
I remember that it started in some sort of tomb or something and there was a male and a female character with me and I believe we were plundering the place. I believe the guy was quite religious or something and the woman was more cynical… I think I fell in some sort of underground river at some point… Then when we were outside we rode on some horses (at least I believe it was horses) and I remember that mine was very stubborn. And that’s sadly all I remember.
It’s a long shot but does someone here know which game I’m talking about? I would be more than a little thankful if I anyone could help me to find the game again.
Thank you in advance.


I’m not sure, but I think it’s “The Golden Rose” :thinking:


Yay, that’s the one! Thank you so much! :relaxed:


There’s this game that I really like and just forgot the name…
You we’re saved by a girl and found out that you have magic (???) In you and you not human at all…
(The girl is a demon by the way)
(And sorry for bad English…)

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Keeper of the Sun and Moon

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Try checking it out on Hosted Games catalogue. It’s been published.

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This is one where you play as a policeman/patrolman, and your stats are about how feared/respected, and lawful/benevolent you are. You get a sort of review from your superiors at the end of every mission/chapter.


Law-Abiding Citizens?

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That’s a good game, but not the one I’m thinking of.