Fool's Fantasy [WiP] (CHAPTER ONE COMPLETED! UPDATED: 24/01/18)



how fool fantasy doing boss man


@Takashi_Shin working on it! I’m still quite busy atm. At best I could pump out about 200+ word. So don’t expect updates around the week. Expect it instead on early December or late November (Sorry for that). Don’t worry I’m still trying my best to commit to this.

If you have any question about chapter 1 feel free to ask away or even better if there are anything that you would like to see in chapter 1, just say it and I’ll put it in my big box of ideas (lol). I’ll still reply to this thread even when I’m busy. Such a waste, If only I could also write on my phone :frowning:


i like now what got you make fool fantasy


@Takashi_Shin I’m sorry but I don’t quite understand :confused:.

If you’re asking about how I got into making this then the answer would simply be because I love to read, and I want to make my own story. And thankfully, I got the time to commit to it. So why not make one myself? :smile:


Gives me this Batman in Medieval times vibe - well done, hope to get more soon! :wink:


how fool fantasy doing


I like the concept and the amount of character customization, but I’m not thrilled about the potential inclusion of Agni; as a Hindu, I find it somewhat irritating.



Hello everyone, DEMO is once again, updated.

I’ve added the first 10k words of chapter one. Which will add some nice exposition detailing the world of Fool’s Fantasy in more detail and introduction of several new characters!!

What’s new?

  • Additional 10k words of chapter one (which stops about a quarter left towards the end of chapter one)
  • Polished prologue and some additional minor tweaks here and there to enhance the story.
  • Chapter headers!
  • Minor patches for known bugs and crashes.
  • Removed the option to give the pc a custom alias for story continuity reason.

I know, this might not be the update you all are expecting after my long, long, break. And I’m terribly sorry for it. Basically, these are the culmination of what I was writing during my final weeks through the semester which I was incredibly busy with.

After learning through my mistakes, I’m going to set up a deadline for myself about doing these updates monthly (may vary according to how busy I am IRL)

And that’s about it. I hope you enjoy the additional content and would still continue to support this side project of mine throughout my growth and changes. Enjoy!


@Takashi_Shin !BOOM! Update :smile:

@KailasMenon I am terribly sorry for it. It is not in any way my intention to offend or irritate you :frowning: But, I have decided not to make any changes towards the inclusion of said deity.

For reference, I love to make parallels regarding my aim on including these deities from many mythologies around the world, towards games such as, the Shin megami tensei series or the persona series. Where as in there, they took elements, concepts, and traits of these fascinating mythos and formulate them into powerful characters called "Persona"s or "Demon"s (not to be taken literally).

I hope you understand where this decision comes from and react accordingly towards it. I would recommend, reading other WIPs if mine does not quite fit to your interest :slight_smile:

@rumaine Batman’s a major reference in modeling the MC. I could assume that I’ve succeeded in doing so when someone is able to recognize it :smiley:

Though, my aim in terms of world building is like that of a semi-medieval world where its in an age where technological innovations are happening and is starting to revolutionize the way people do stuff around. Still, thank you for your kind words!


yes thank you i hope your game get to come out some day


I am getting so attached to these characters. Is there a chance that they… will die? D:


@Umbreonpanda First of all, I appreciate the kind words :blush:

To answer your question, yes. Death of major characters are bound to happen eventually. Just stop and think about it, you murdered a dude in the prologue, your mother’s sick and bed ridden, your mentor/father figure is old and vulnerable, and your sister–well, you’ll just have to wait and see for yourself. (I had a lot of fun writing her character :slight_smile:) With that in mind, realistically, just… how could I write such a happy go lucky story where no one dies format? :sweat_smile:

You are like, my most enthusiastic supporters on this thread and I love your for it! :smile:


Fascinating! Though I wish there was a bit more Norse mythology.


@lokidemon007 Glad you liked it!

Don’t worry, I’ve cooked up some miracle concepts that borrows from the norse, japanese, middle-eastern, and even indonesian myths! :wink:


what about that miracle to make water into wine? you just touch a person and down he goes people are startled and don’t know what happened except for the MC. the guy’s blood became wine, boom! stealth +10



@Logan3000x DUDE!!

The first thing that popped when I read your reply :rofl:


Will any of the mischievous deities be involved?


@lokidemon007 :slight_smile: If we’re talking about norse myths, I’m sure we all know what/who we were referring here… To answer your question, Yes.

I could go into details. But, his involvement is what I consider to be quite a huge spoiler for later chapters of the story lol.


Well their be any Deities possibly based off of the Cthulhu mythos like Nyarlathotep?


@CultOfCthulhu I’m not opposed to the idea. But, to be completely transparent with you, I don’t have any plans for it. I might consider it though, I do love lovecraftian horror mythos. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see :wink: