Fool's Fantasy [WiP] (CHAPTER ONE COMPLETED! UPDATED: 24/01/18)



comedic purposes


If Nicolas Cage ever winked at my direction i would
start a revolt in the us,i just find it creepy.

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@Lufsty I should just send you plenty more Nick Cage’s gifs then :smile:

I have a question!!
If I want to do an update to the game, do I have to replace the link with a new one here or is it going to adjust itself automatically?

I know that this is an extremely noob-ish question but please help…:confounded:


No you don’t need to put new link, it’s going to adjust automatically :slightly_smiling_face:


@SabrinadizaLS Thanks for answering my noob-ish question. If not for you I would probably just stupidly replace the link with a new one, resetting the amount of clicks people have given the novel :smile:

DEMO updated. I’ve enabled gender-choice and added some tweaks here and there to the overall experience. DEMO is now around at 11k word long, Enjoy!

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When are there going updated we love to now and i fight for the people and revenge not for money or power


They did updated.

Also, the title threw me off a bit. (12/11/17)


Found an error

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@Umbreonpanda Wish it was 2010 so that its (12/11/10) which is glorious :smile:

@Elthuyu Thanks for pointing that out bud! I’ve fixed the error. It should be good now!

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The young empress wishes to socialize with the rest of his community from the entire Lindmont Empire."

Change his with her

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I’m loving the story so far!

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@Terrell_Williams Fixed. Thank’s for pointing that out! Man, It sure is a pain to code all this pronouns for different genders…

@taeily Glad you liked it! Care to share some thoughts or opinion? Every bit of feedback helps me in my writing process! :smile:


Nice work so far. Looking forward to seeing what happens next!


You dont have to, if you’re American or Filipino you already know that Trump is currently in the Philippines…
and i think you know what that means :wink:
Its just like JFK all over again…i remember that day clearly as a childs bottom.

(If you find this offensive please dont get mad at me, its just a joke)


It seems interesting. It was too vague though. There’s a difference between misterious and vague, and I kinda feel you were more of the latter. Whatever happened to the orphanage, our other faith, the reason we seem to hate it, the emperor, it’s just too many blank spaces. Other than that, I’m hoping to see more of this

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@lokidemon007 Glad you like it! :smile:

No offense was taken :smile:
Tbh, I’m not even american so I couldn’t exactly relate to that kind of joke lol. But I do enjoy watching the recent news about him through Stephen Colbert’s monologue on youtube :smile:

@Escanor Noted. Yeah, as the writer I agree. I find it hard to find the sweet spot in between the two mentioned. This is like my first attempt at writing stuff like this, let alone in english which is not my first language. Still, I’ll do my best in the following continuation. So, expect some growth from me in future. Your criticism helps me a lot!


Hello there, Kuroporu here!

Just wan’t to give you guys a heads up on what’s currently going on with me. It’s nearing the end of the semester here and I’ve got soooooo many final projects coming up! I’m just saying that I’ll take some time to focus on that rather than trying to continue writing the draft for chapter one for quite a while… But still, I’ll immediately come back into my normal routine the moment everything’s finished and done.

I think that’s about it for now. I thought that I should probably let you guys know about this in advance :smile: I’m so thankful for all of you who took an interest in this little side project of mine and decides to keep track of my progress in the forum. So far, chapter one has been going on quite smoothly on my end here. Expect more from me in the future!


The game throws me with the discussion about gender equality and the coronation of Emperor Isobel, then using a male pronoun.

Did the emperor just get a girly name? Or is the emperor a woman?


@stsword Pretty sure that’s a typo that’s not corrected yet. Care to take the time to screenshot it?? I’ll fix it right away.

Here’s the thing, the figure of the emperor/empress and one of the RO is switchable (or gender fluid). If you created a male MC then it should be “Emperor Asbel” and “Isabel” is your RO. If your MC is female, then It’s “Empress Isabel” and your RO should be “Asbel”. With The character of Asbel being a male and Isabel is a female.

I’m sorry if this throws you off or offend you in any way :frowning: It’s not my intention to offend you in any way possible.

EDIT: I see the mistake in the code. I’ve mistyped the name of the emperor for the male route :sweat_smile: Its should be “Asbel” and not “Isabel”. I’ve fixed it, It’s should be good to go now!


Good to know.

And no I wasn’t offended, just confused.

There is no reason you couldn’t make emperor a gender neutral title, for example, so I wasn’t sure which way the mistake went.