Flatbreak (WiP) (Short Demo Added)

Hi guys! My name is Jenna, and I’m currently working on a project I’ve thought of for awhile (with the help of the highly talented @faewkless) : A highly re playable, steampunk themed novel in which in depth storytelling is complemented by several different paths for the player to choose.

Features Include:

  • Several Different Paths a la Carolyne’s amazingly written [When In Rome][1]. This includes that of a machinist/mechanic, pugilist (an underground fighting type of path), scholar/historian, mercenary, priest/priestess, political leader, prostitute, assassin, officer/detective, and a black market alchemist.
  • Highly detailed history and storyline
  • Extensive character system
  • Personal quests related to your background (think the background quests in Mass Effect 1)
  • 7-10 romanceable characters
  • Inclusion of LGBPTTQQIIAA+ aspects

As well as a few other things we have planned :wink:

Our final product will be pretty long - we’re planning around Tin Star length.

Regarding Content:

Ratings of games aren’t as common, but I feel like it needs to be addressed with Flatbreak. I know that a younger audience is a part of this community, and out of respect to that, I’m including this section. The story is not overtly gory, sexual, or profanity laced. I simply built the world as I feel it should be. This means there is indeed an inclusion of more mature themes, but not to an overwhelming degree. I’m trying to keep things around a “teen” rated game level, if that makes sense.

Official Description

Flatbreak. The crown jewel of the country of Adrea. The skies are bruised with smoke and shadow as the constant whirring of gears and shouts sound throughout the city. Heightened shouts over hushed whispers sound in alleys and shops, some conspiring and others simply talking to pass the time. This is now your home, and what you choose to do here is up to you. Become an assassin, a scholar, a tutor, a purveyor of the arts, a mechanic, a mercenary, a pugilist, a black market alchemist, a priest, a detective, a concubine, or a political leader. Make a career. Fall in love. Shape the fates.

How you choose to alter the city is up to you.

Weekly Updates

Week 1 - 10/09: I’ve come up with a lot of different ideas pertaining to what I’m having included - this means I polished the characters, created the story lines, and spent a lot of time on the backgrounds. Estimate for a demo would be in about 1 1/2 to 2 months :smiley:

Week 2 - 10/20: I’ve been working on more scenes inbetween classes, but this unfortunately means that things will progress a little slower from here throughout. I’ve polished world lore and planned a history type thing under the stats tab that shows the lore of different characters, cultural aspects, religion, world events, etc etc.

Week 3 - 10/28: I apologize, as this week a relative of mine passed away, meaning that I haven’t had as much time to work on this as I’d like. I’l make sure to get more done this weekend, and hopefully get out the rest of the tram paths!
[1]: When In Rome (WIP)

Edit 1: Added detective to possible paths
Edit 2: Weekly update 10/9
Edit 3: Added @faewkless to the introduction and rating information
Edit 4: Spacing in the description bothered me, so it’s fixed.
Edit 5/6: Demo added. It’s half of the starting scene, but it’ll be nice to gauge what people think :smile: Be sure to give some love to @faewkless for the coding!
Edit 7/8: Expect more in the demo in the following days! Thanks to all of you who have tried what we put out, and if you have feedback, make sure to let us know!

Demo Link


A black market alchemist?
Is alchemy illegal?

The good stuff made using alchemy wink wink

Pierce + Jenna = Jierce… okay…cool. Besides the point, it’s pretty cool seeing more steampunk stories pop up, I’m interested already and ready to read just point me towards the demo when it comes out:)

Yeah, we’ll get to that in the story :wink:

We weren’t that creative with the username, and we wanted something we could remember haha. And thanks! The testable demo might be up in about 3 months. We’re both in school, so the timeline is a little tricky.

I can already sense my characters desire to start a rebellion to legalize alchemy.


This seems really awesome! I’ll certainly keep an eye on it.

Seems like an interesting concept and the artwork looks great! Is the society not-19th Century London or are you basing it on something else?

This looks really interesting, especially because I’m currently really into the steampunk kind of things (playing bioshock infinite atm)

Sounds groovy. Can’t wait to see a demo.

Interesting, reminds me of Arcanum.

You had me at that. It sounds awesome! Hoping to see more of this in the near future.

More steampunk is always good.

@faewkless tfw someone predicts one of the storylines perfectly

@FoxalypticWorld Thank you! I’ll make sure to give you a heads up when the demo comes out

@cascat07 Originally it was, but when I included Pierce into the project, we turned it into another universe type of deal. Design wise it is purely steampunk, but we wanted to create our own world :slight_smile: However, the story will focus mostly on just the one city of Flatbreak

@P0RT3R Oh those Bioshock feels. Would you kindly…

@Doctor And we can’t wait for you to play it :smile:

@Slavic_Warrior I actually had to look that up to see what that was. Now, I really want to play it haha

@Jjcb We’ll make sure to do weekly updates for it as well, so it doesn’t seem like we just dropped off the face of the Earth :sunglasses:

@Shawnheatherly We were surprised when we saw that this wasn’t as prominent a genre as we expected it to be, especially with the WiPs. Thus, we had to change it :smirk:

Sorry for this spam guys! We can only reply to two people at once per post ;-;

I thought it was your inspiration. Every time someone mentions steampunk I think about Arcanum.