Firefly/Falcon inspired

Hey! I’m back! Long time no see, but I finally finished that project for school and so I should have some more free time. I also updated Tavern Tales so you guys can check it out. Sovereign Code will be updated later.

I came up with this idea a while ago, and was wondering what you guys think. It’s a “build-your-own” spaceship type game, inspired by the TV show Firefly and the Millennium falcon. I also designed the game similarly to Choice of Robots, an amazing game that CoG should release ASAP!

This is only one chapter, but I plan to keep working on it. It’s called “Pile of Junk.”

(you might think this game is junk :wink: )


I think this is going to be a romance between a human and a ship.


Awesome idea, fulfilling my inner Han Solo, and you clearly are giving this story the same amusing dialogue and attention as Tavern Tales.

This was pretty cool I like the idea and I like the update you gave to tavern tales

Oh God, thanks Shawn. I almost lost faith in either being updated.

Sorry about the wait. It's just college crap I've been doing. Several all nighters I could've been spending writing.

Don’t worry, still in high school, and most of my classmates here can probably relate. To the point where copying each other is extremely common. Hell, I’m an amateur writer and I can barely get one hundred words in a week.

That's not copying, that's teamwork! Haha high school is basically college, only you have to go to class a lot more, so I feel ya.

Just a question will we be able to get bigger ships later on? Also will be be able to hire crew if we can and go into illegal or government oPerations. Like smuggling or fighting for the orginsations in wars and the like?

No one ask about romance, its obviously between a human and ship.

You like romance, right? :)

I do, as long as it’s not like some choose your story game…

Isn't that what we do here?

Im talking about there was a game about wolves and it got into heavy romance about 3 pages in.

Nah this isn't like that haha. I guess you can romance a werewolf inspired alien if you want...but unlike Choice of Robots yiu can't get nasty with your ship xD.

I’m looking forward to more of this, somehow all your games really hook me.

Oh thank god. Good news there. Thought some of my favorite WIPs were done for

Oh man, I so look forward to playing more! For some reason when the ships AI was talking I imagined it sounding like the computer in Galaxy Quest even though this one obviously has more personality to it :slight_smile: And from the mention of gun ports I’m guessing there will likely be some combat, but I hope we’ll alternatively have the option to outwit our opponents instead without firing a shot.

Thanks! Yeah there will be different career options, basically, depending on function of your ship. If you focus on beauty and decide to become a smuggler, you won't be a very good one. So firepower has merit in certain areas but might make people less likely to trust you.

Actually the voice was meant to be a little emotionless, with the option to change personalities later, for a price x) kind of like that really famous hero CoG let's you do in the beginning...I forget the exact name o.o

Neat! And what’s the plan for crew members? I assume they’ll be some?

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